Why Is Strength Training Important?

Strength training is a vital component in many sports activities such as both the more obvious like Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, and bodybuilding but also a wide variety of other sports like swimming, rowing, rugby, wrestling, American football, basketball, football (soccer) etc. etc. You can be sure that all professional sportsmen and athletes have strength training as part of their training routine.

So, why is strength training important if you are not into one of these above-mentioned sports or a significant number of other sports where strength is relevant? Because increasing strength provides major benefits to your body health and its function and more!

Benefits To Body Health and Function

When you become stronger through strength training, it is a result of increases in many things (not only your muscle strength) including:

  • Bone density and strength
  • Tendons and ligaments become stronger and tougher
  • Function of the joints improve
  • Muscle strength (obviously)


Other definitely noteworthy benefits include:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Improvements to your cardiac function
  • Better hormonal balance


Getting a stronger body by increasing physical strength will also reduce your risk for body injuries significantly. Getting stronger will increase your “well-being” and simply give you the possibility to enjoy your life to a greater extent because you will be able to use your body more and do more!

See what the Mayo Clinic writes about strength training.


why is strength training important

Health Risks of Modern Lives

Putting all these great arguments aside strength training can also be great for alleviating the harmful effects of our modern lifestyle. I think most people recognize that the average work and daily life are putting our health at risk.

We are inactive too much of the day and it is resulting in reduced health and weaker body. Most people need to do something to compensate these negative effects and strength training is an excellent option to do so. I would say that it is even one of the more time efficient ways.

A common problem from sitting down a lot every day is tight hip flexors. Check out my review of the number one program to fix tight hip flexors.

Improving Physical Appearance And Attractiveness

I firmly believe that improving physical appearance goes way beyond just pure vanity. Looking better can for some be completely transformational, it can help them gain that extra bit of self-confidence that enables them to finally break through those fears and self-imposed restraints that have been holding them back. They are suddenly able to do what they actually want to do or express themselves how they want to.

The look you get from strength training is in my opinion also much more aesthetically pleasing than the more “bulkier” look you get from doing bodybuilding for example.

No offense to bodybuilders, there are so many great bodybuilders out there that have a completely jaw-dropping physique. Getting those kinds of results take an enormous amount of work and I admire their work ethic.

But I also think a lot of people are not interested in that kind of look at all. Additionally, not getting that kind of body has another benefit: the ability to wear normal clothes.

Strength Training Is For Everyone

Anyone can do strength training. Age or gender really does not matter. Although I would recommend young guys and girls to wait until they have become teenagers.

Women should definitely not be afraid of becoming “big and bulky” by doing strength training.

Female bodybuilders that you might have seen on the internet or on television have spent many, many years to look like that, and by doing strength training and not bodybuilding you will never become big and bulky.