Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program Review & Results

Are you relatively new to heavy weight training, and want to burn off excess fat and get lean and shredded?

Do you want to look something like Henry Cavill in Immortals, Christian Bale in American Psycho or Brad Pitt in the famous movie Fight Club?

The promise of the warrior shredding program is that you can go from “skinny fat” and having a fluffy gut to an amazing sleek, muscular and chiseled body in a relatively short period of time.

But you probably already knew that.

If you are reading this, I think there is a pretty good chance you already know what the warrior shredding program does.

Maybe you been to the official Kinobody page or seen some of Gregs Youtube videos.

So in this Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program Review, I want to instead focus on why I think you are really here.

That is to find out if this program will work for you and if it is worth the money!

But if I am wrong don’t go close the tab just yet because I am confident you can find some value here. If you want to know more about Kinobody first or after reading this review, I suggest you check out my extensive article here.

Here is a quick outline of what I will cover in this review:

–      A look at the contents and value of the program 

–      If the program works and the results people are getting

–      How you can save 20 dollars when you buy the program

–      FAQ

Note: I put the method for saving 20 dollars at the end deliberately. Sorry 😀

Contents And Value Of The Warrior Shredding Program

All the contents of the course is hosted on the online platform Teachable. This is a popular platform for delivering online information products and is in my opinion very user-friendly.

Basically, upon purchase, you receive the necessary login information and instructions on how to get into teachable and get your hands on the program.

When logging in you find all the material divided into many different sections. Briefly summarizing you will find:

–      A welcome and introduction video
–      A bit of marketing material for related products
–      The warrior shredding nutrition/diet plan
–      The warrior shredding workout routines
–      A bunch of bonus guides
–      Video walk-throughs of all the exercises

You will also find instructions on how to join the private support forum which can be really helpful.

The workout routines were actually updated not that long ago, which is also indicated with the “2.0” in course name.

It happens from time to time that Greg adds new content or updates/refines the existent content, which you gain immediate access to since it is hosted on an online platform.

Obviously, these additions do not come at an additional charge. The price you pay is a one-time fee for a lifetime access.

This just proves the hard work and effort Greg puts into his courses. I also think it discredits any notion of money-grabbing or scam.

Good example of what a lean and shredded warrior

Warrior shredding program is focused on getting you this kind of look

Is It Worth The Money, Can’t I Just Use Free Information?

 As I am writing this the course has a price of 69 dollars, although if you follow my instructions below you can get a 20 dollars discount.

So for 49 dollars what you get is a detailed workout and nutrition program, some useful bonuses and access to a support forum.

Personally, I have never hanged around the Kinobody forums a lot,  but I know they are very active and extremely helpful especially for beginners.

What About Free Stuff?

You can find a lot of free workouts and nutrition information online and most of it is good. I have written some myself.

Basically, with the internet, the amount of free information is overwhelming which in this situation can be a problem.

The problem is that if you follow a lot of different advice you find on the internet e.g. bodybuilding.com, you are probably going to make mistakes because you won’t understand what is important and what to focus on.

The thing about weight training is that small subtle differences make a huge impact on the effects on your body.

Weight training, even for beginners, is not as simple as just lifting heavy things. You can take a look at my beginner guide and see for yourself, and I actually tried my best to make things as simple as possible.

You can do a lot of different things with weight training and essentially a lot of things are important and/or changes in importance over time.

But if there is something I have learned from many years of experience is that to truly achieve great results in a short period, you need to put a lot of focus on one or a few things.

I believe this probably applies for most things in life.

Laser-Focused On One Purpose: Getting A “Shredded Warrior Physique”

The warrior shredding program is created with one purpose in mind, and that is taking a beginner who has some or a lot of unwanted fat and make him lean, and relatively muscular.

It is designed with a laser focus to simplify the process of burning fat and building muscle without having to spend a lot of hours every week. You should know that a lot of trial and error and continuous refining have gone into this program

If your goal aligns with the purpose of the program, you can be very confident that your results will be MUCH better than if you simply did some random workout you found searching on google or heard some Youtube guy talk about.

This is a bit off-topic, but this issue is pretty much the same for learning most things online for free, and why premium online information products is a booming industry.

The Warrior Shredding Program Results, Does It Work?

Remember when I said that Greg has put a lot of trial and error and is continuously refining the program.

Well, one of the reasons why Greg can continue to improve and refine the program is because more than 30,000 people have bought it.

And the positive feedback is astounding! Yet in all that positive feedback, Greg has still found room for doing small tweaks and improvements.

But it also means the warrior shredding program you buy today is a better one than you could buy 2 years ago. So now is a great time for you to start!

Of course, the people who bought the program two years ago now have access to the same as you, but I am pretty sure they are in a more advanced part of their journey.

Perhaps they are following Greek god or the superhero program (click to check out my reviews)

The program has a tremendous amount of positive feedback and countless transformations images to back it up

To be honest, I think it is really hard to argue with those results.

Take a look for yourself at these pictures I dug up from Gregs Instagram profile.


One year on Warrior Shredding ?? by music producer Dan Lancaster

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3 months on my warrior program to go from skinny fat to absolutely chiseled

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Here is my own Kinobody transformation. I should say that I was mostly following the Greek god program since when I started following Greg I was already too advanced for the warrior shredding program.

my kinobody transformation

This is me before and after following Kinobody programs.

See more awesome transformations on the official site here.

But Why Does It Work So Well?

It is an interesting question, and perhaps my take on it will surprise you.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that the program designed with a complete focus on building muscle and burning fat for people who are relatively new to weight training.

But it is hardly surprising that this fact makes the program work well.

But another very powerful thing that I truly believe many people underestimate, is that both the workout routine and nutrition is designed to be as easy to follow as possible.

The workouts are simple (not necessarily easy) and intermittent fasting makes it easier and simpler to maintain a calorie deficit which after all is what weight loss is about.

One fact about weight training and nutrition that is often lost in the numerous important things and complicated concepts that are so popular to talk about, is that first and foremost you need to follow through with it.

Essentially, your adherence to the workouts and nutrition is the most important thing.

You can discuss the most “optimal” workout and nutrition that theoretically should be a tiny bit better all you want, but if you are not actually doing it what is the point?

To give you an extreme example:

You can follow a 3 day per week workout program like warrior shredding, or you can follow a 6 day per week workout program.

How you structure those workouts need to be quite different, and although some people would argue training 6 days per week gives better results which perhaps is true for some, it also takes longer.

However, if you are not able to actually following through with that week after week, month after month, it is probably going to be better than training 3 days per week.

By the way, I highly doubt that training 6 days per week is a good idea for most beginners.

And here is another extreme example for your nutrition, you could limit yourself to 2 relatively satisfying meals per day or you could do 6 “unsatisfying” meals per day.

An interesting fact is that most people find it much easier to do 2 meals per day. You can read more about my opinion on intermittent fasting here. Or you can check out this awesome guide from healthline.com.

Of course, you could also do the extreme ketogenic diet or you could make relatively modest changes to your diet.

The point I am trying to make crystal clear here is that an important reason why the program works so well is that it is easy to follow.

Because it is easy to do more people end up actually doing it. What will get you the results is adherence and consistency over a longer period!

Here is a great youtube video from “The Intermittent Fasting Guy” who talks about his experience with the warrior shredding program.

Pros And Cons


  • Simple and fast workouts. About 60 minutes spend for 3 days per week
  • Easy progression model makes getting stronger a no-brainer
  • The routines have phases with a focus on different muscles
  • Intermittent fasting making weight loss more manageable
  • Flexible diet makes it much easier to eat the foods you want
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

(See the pattern here? Easy and simple is why it works so well)


  • Sparse on leg training.
  • Not for the bodybuilder or powerlifter people
  • The dominant training method (reverse pyramid training) can be tough for beginners
  • Intermittent fasting is hard in the beginning (but worth getting used to)
Lean guy with some muscle definition

Another good example of what is meant by the warrior

Warrior Shredding Review Bottom Line

 The program absolutely works and is worth buying in my opinion. I think that is clear in the arguments I have made above.

I am confident that the program will work for you like it has with countless of other people. Of course, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can use if you don’t get the results you expected.

I would say that the program is especially good value if you are relatively new to weight training, have a good amount of fat to lose but don’t want to “live in the gym”.

Obviously, if you like the “warrior look” which is very lean with a muscular upper-body and sleek legs, then the program is a good choice and you will only be spending around 3 or maybe close to 4 hours if you take long breaks.

Save 20 Dollars Super Easy Using The Survey

So, if you are convinced that the program is for you then take a look below on how you can get the program right now for 20 dollars off!

No illegal stuff I promise!

You just go to the official website and take a survey. The survey contains a few questions that are designed to provide you with the program that best fits you.

After completing the survey, your “reward” is a 20 USD discount.

Follow this link to go to the survey (new browser tab).

–     Select man
–     Chose any age
–     Click “I am skinny fat (…)”
–     Chose “My main goal is definition (…)”

Grats! You just saved 20 $$$


Q: Warrior shredding program vs greek god

A: The greek god program is mainly a lean bulk program which means the focus is not on burning fat. If you want to burn off a lot of fat and build some muscle, then the greek god program is not your best choice. It is best for beginners or intermediates who are already quite lean.

Q: Warrior shredding program vs aggressive fat loss

A: Aggressive fat loss is for burning a lot of fat while maintaining muscle. This strategy works well if you already have a good amount of muscle and want to burn off fat quickly or if you just prioritize losing fat much more.

Q: How to get the Kinobody warrior shredding pdf for free?

A: Greg put in a ton of hard work of trial and error to simplify and perfect this workout and nutrition program. So please consider supporting that work and if the price is too high there are tons of free programs out there.

You can check out my post on weight training for weight loss

Or you can have a look at the programs by Andy Morgan from Rippedbody.com

Q: What is the warrior shredding program workout routine?

A: warrior shredding program consists of 3 workouts per week. The focus is on compound lifts such as incline bench press, overhead shoulder press and weighted chin-ups/pull-ups using reverse pyramid training.

The program do have some optional cardio sessions which can speed fat loss up a bit.

Warrior Shredding Program






Overall Quality



  • Simple and fast workouts
  • Easy progression model
  • Flexible diet


  • Sparse on leg training
  • Reverse pyramid training tough for beginners
  • IF hard getting used to for some


Hello there! My name is Marcus, I am a lawyer (LL.M.) and the founder of this website. Besides sometimes doing lawyer stuff, I like to write about fitness and health and share with others what I have personally found “works” (others have as well). I like weight training, yoga and figuring out how to overcome the many challenges caused by our modern lifestyle. If you want to know more about me and my vision for this website then you can click here.

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