Ultimate Kinobody Review – Everything You Need To Know About Greg

Are you wondering what Kinobody is all about, or who Greg O’Gallagher is?

Perhaps you have seen his ads on Google, Youtube or Facebook.

Maybe you have heard or read a lot of people saying the Kinobody courses are awesome and changed their life.

Maybe you have heard a lot of people saying Greg is just a good marketer and that his courses are just overhyped crap.

If any of these situations apply to you (or something similar), then you have come to the right place!

In this Ultimate Kinobody Review, I have done my best to cover everything there is worth knowing about Greg and his brand.

I have done a great amount of research to gather all this information.

The clear objective of this review is to help you save time and energy by not having to spend a lot of time researching yourself as I did.

Trust me, it is quite time-intensive.

For your reading convenience, the review is divided into three different parts.

Part one is about Greg and his brand Kinobody.

This is not only about the background story but also how the brand has been marketed online. I think this is interesting because not all the marketing efforts have been received well and some have even been ridiculed.

Part two is all about the digital courses. There are many different courses and perhaps you are confused about which one you should get. This part includes a “mini Kinobody review” for each of the programs.

I also share a tip on how you can save about 20 USD when buying a fitness course. So if you are getting a course, be sure to check this out!

Since I am covering everything about Kinobody in this review, I won’t be covering all the finer details of each course.

However, if you are looking for a more in-depth review of the different programs, you can check out these links:

Finally, part three is about physical products.

It seems like Kinobody is having success with introducing different products so I think it is fair to assume that there will be more in the future.

Before I get into this, I want to make it clear that I am personally a little bit biased regarding the Kinobody programs because I have bought several myself.

However, it is my intention to present everything as unbiased as possible.

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Part One – Greg O’Gallagher and Kinobody

Who Is Greg O’Gallagher?

Greg (Gregory) O’Gallagher is a 26-year old successful entrepreneur in the online fitness space.

He is the owner of the company and brand Kinobody which was founded in 2011.

Greg has since very young age been fascinated by fitness and developing a good-looking body.

Suffering the loss of his father at a young age he found comfort and refuge in going to the gym.

Developing a powerful and aesthetic-looking body helped him gain confidence in himself and his ability to achieve great things.

He views fitness as a way to enhance and complement life but not an obsession. He takes what he calls a “lifestyle approach to fitness and nutrition”.

Explained in my own words this basically means using different strategies in order to minimize the time and effort for becoming and staying fit so you can focus on other things.

Greg has a large presence on social media and has been focusing on YouTube and Instagram.

He has been on YouTube teaching fitness and fat loss for many years and the first video he uploaded goes all the way back to 2009.

By the way, you can still watch this video on his YouTube channel Kinobody.

With all the content he has put out it is very clear that he is passionate about helping others with fitness advice.

Greg is also a big advocate of intermittent fasting and skipping breakfast.

Meet Greg:

Et opslag delt af Kinobody (@gregogallagher) den

Greg As An Actor

As far as I know, Greg hasn’t shared any information about plans to become an actor.

However, Greg does have an actor profile on imdb.com and is credited with two movies.

His focus on the Hollywood-type body and the making of the impressive “Kinobody film adaptation” videos does show a clear admiration of movies and actors.

So it would make a lot of sense if he wanted to become an actor himself.

Greg’s Fitness Blogging Training

When Greg started his online business he didn’t have his own courses.

Instead, he promoted the Visual Impact Fitness courses by Rusty Moore as an affiliate, which essentially means that he received a commission for every customer he referred.

In case you are wondering, this is a perfectly normal way to do business online and a great way to start if you are a beginner. I also do this (affiliate marketing).

Not only did Greg promote the courses by Rusty, but he was also part of a special group of fitness bloggers that were trained by Rusty himself.

This training had a very positive impact and Greg has mentioned several times that Rusty was his biggest mentor.

There were actually several people in this group who became successful.

Perhaps one of the most successful was Kris Gunnars who started the website Authority Nutrition.

The website was recently purchased by Healthline for an undisclosed amount.

Healthline is a very big media company focusing on consumer health and is estimated to reach about 85 million people per month.

So the purchase amount was probably “significant”.

But Greg Seems Like A Total Douchebag?

To be honest, my first impression of Greg was also that this guy seems a bit “douchy”.

I believe many have felt the same and some might not change their opinion since it takes a lot to change the first impression.

Greg has even been featured in the magazine Vice where he is referred to as youtube’s douchiest fitness celebrity.

In the Vice article the conclusion is more or less the following (me paraphrasing):

Greg’s content is more about showing off than real substantive fitness advice, but that doesn’t mean his approach doesn’t work or that people don’t like the courses after purchase, which by the way it seems like they really do.

Whether you think calling Greg the douchiest fitness celebrity is fair or not, it is not so hard to understand why some people would think it to be true.

Not only do you often see this huge mansion in the background of his youtube videos, but he is also driving around in very expensive sports cars.

He wears stylish clothes and super-hot girls are hanging out with him.

Overall it seems like he has a very rich and lavish lifestyle.

Additionally, he is in crazy good shape and is not afraid of displaying that in his videos. He regularly says things like fat loss and building muscle is much easier when following his Kinobody programs

With all that in mind, it is easy and probably a “natural reaction” for some to categorize him as any or several of these adjectives: douchy, arrogant, pompous, snob, superficial, self-centered, etc.

Those “over-the-top” Kinobody movie adaptations like this one below can also easily be misunderstood. I will talk more about the movie adaptions later.


However, if you watched many of his fitness videos or even bought some of his courses I think you will find out that it is not true at all.

Greg O’Gallagher is actually a very empathetic and passionate man with a mission to help people improve their bodies and lives with easy to follow workout and nutrition programs.

While he did come from a rich family he has been very successful in building his online fitness brand by himself.

His huge family mansion might have helped him in his marketing but not more than that.

An Internet/Marketing Persona?

A lot of the content you see or read online is created with some sort of marketing purpose. It is often that such content is created with a spin to it to attract more viewers or readers.

Probably very few people will ever know for sure if or how much of the Kinobody content was intentionally created to give this “douchy” impression, but I feel quite confident that some of it was and many will agree with me.

I think Greg intended to create what I will call a “Kinobody persona” who has a very desirable lifestyle of being “rich and jacked” while enjoying many luxuries like sports cars, gourmet food, crazy parties, and hot girls.

Sort of being the online fitness equivalent to Bruce Wayne in Batman.

Not only do I think this is true because I think the evidence is there in much of his content, but also because I know this marketing approach works well – especially in the online fitness industry where the competition is fierce.

What Is So Special About Kinobody?

That was a whole lot about Greg, now let us focus on his brand and what it is about.

The main rationale of Kinobody is that developing an aesthetically-looking and strong body will help you become a much more confident person and that this will have a very positive effect on your life.

However, developing this strong and lean body is best done without spending many hours in the gym every week or sacrificing your favorite foods.

Basically, you should be able to fully enjoy your life right now and not be obsessed with reaching some physique goal in the future.

With that in mind, Kinobody uses a special approach to both training and nutrition which can be described as a minimalistic approach.

This approach combines intermittent fasting and eating a few meals every day with only having three workouts per week that should take somewhere around 45 minutes – 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete. The Kinobody workouts focus on heavy weight training using a lifting scheme called reverse pyramid training.

While it can be described as a minimalistic training approach it is not about training as little as possible but rather training efficiently and using a short amount of time so you can enjoy many other things in life.

Because the focus is on getting your dream body without having to sacrifice lifestyle you can also say that it is about blending or adapting fitness into your lifestyle and not the other way around – it is a lifestyle approach

I am sure this guy took a lifestyle approach to fitness.

Are Three Days Per Week Really Optimal?

Although all this minimalistic training and nutrition sound great you should also know that training three days per week can potentially have constraints.

However, you can’t just say that training 3 days per week is “not optimal” like some people like to say when criticizing this approach.

You have to look at a larger picture than just workouts per week because there are many factors that go into a good workout program.

If time is not an issue at all, and if you are able to schedule more workouts without negatively interfering with your recovery and stick with it, then research suggests that training more could be better for muscle growth.

But it turns out, doing 4 or 5 workouts per week is actually hard for many people and getting sufficient recovery can potentially become an issue.

Building muscle is a long journey and requires adherence to the program.

Adherence is actually so important, that many experts consider it to be # 1 most important factor.

E.g. in the highly recommendable book, Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid by Eric Helms, Andrea Valdez, and Andy Morgan, adherence is put above everything else in terms of importance.

So, before you listen to people criticizing this 3-day per week approach consider this, do you seriously think that you will be able to train 5 workouts per week, every week for the next year?

Is that something you are interested in?

Will you still be able to get enough recovery, sleep and not be stressed?

If you can say yes all the above, I would say that it is possible you can get a small benefit from training more.

But with all that being said, training 3-days per week using the Kinobody workouts are still very effective.

From a general perspective, you could even argue that they are more efficient since less time and energy is used. Also, you will be less stressed since the program is easier to follow.

Besides that, there is a crazy number of testimonials that say his courses work.

I can also personally attest that the courses that I have bought have worked well. Additionally, like many other people, I think they are enjoyable and easy to follow.

Getting Your Dream Body

The selling point of most of the fitness courses is to transform your body in a specific way both in terms of weight loss and muscle mass.

It is more or less all about getting a kind of body you see many popular male and female Hollywood actors have in movies.

A term that is often used to describe this kind of body is: “Hollywood-physique”.

It is not about being as big and ripped as possible. It is instead about having a proportionate amount of muscle while staying lean.

If you think about Hollywood actors in popular action or superhero movies I am sure you get the idea.

Getting such a body is a very powerful selling point because that is essentially what many people are interested in.

It is also easy to relate if the fitness course states that following this workout and nutrition protocol will give you a body like Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club, or Stephen Amell in the TV-show Arrow, or Chris Hemsworth in the movie Thor.

For women, it could be a body like Jessica Biel, Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman or Scarlett Johansson in any of the Marvel movies or one of my favorites Ghost In The Shell.

Although this is not unique for Kinobody, it is probably one of the things that have made the brand very popular.

This is a bit off-topic but a successful entrepreneur creates solutions to problems. The Kinobody courses are essentially a solution to a problem that would go like this:

“How can I look like that cool person on the movie screen without spending too much time in the gym or sacrifice my favorite foods.”

Kinobody On Social Media

Kinobody has a strong presence on social media but mostly YouTube and Instagram.

On the Kinobody YouTube channel, Greg has covered almost any fitness related topic you could imagine.

Some of the videos that have got a lot of attention were the so-called Kinobody movie adaptations.

Inspired by popular movies like Fight Club, Batman Begins, Wolf of Wall Street and Drive together with a production team Greg have made some impressive-looking short videos that basically are promoting the Kinobody lifestyle.

You can check out one of those videos here for yourself:


These videos have created quite a stir on YouTube and not all have positive opinions about them.

Even other “fitness YouTubers” have criticized the videos expressing the opinion that these videos confirm whatever negative thing they have to say.

Criticism On YouTube

Some YouTube content creators have created videos criticizing Greg and Kinobody.

In my opinion, some are done in a humorous but tough way without going too far and others are downright cruel and humiliating.

But putting fair criticism and jokes aside, the purpose of these videos are of course to get views on youtube. Making videos about bigger youtube channels in your niche is a strategy that works.

For this purpose, there might be an advantage to be extremely negative and humiliating because this tends to get more attention and views.

That is a thing you should have in mind if you viewed youtube videos from different creators talking about Kinobody.

Especially if you are trying to figure out how to interpret that criticism.

Finally, I want to say that trying to build relationships and trust on youtube by using cruel and unjustified criticism of others is not a very inspiring trait.

Part Two – Digital Courses

As of April 2020, Kinobody has 8 different fitness courses, a cookbook, a clothing style guide and a guide to intermittent fasting.

In other words, not all of the courses are fitness courses but those are definitely the most popular.

They have literally sold tens of thousands and based on some numbers I saw last year I would estimate the number of sales to be somewhere around 75,000 – 100,000+.

All of the Kinobody fitness courses are “all-inclusive” which means they teach you what workout routines to follow, how to perform the exercises and how to progress. They also cover how to set up your nutrition for either gaining muscle or losing fat or both.

I should note that all the fitness courses recommend intermittent fasting. It is not required, but the fat loss courses will be very hard to follow without.

Below you will see all of the different Kinobody courses listed as of April 2020. I have put together a mini kinobody review of each below and if you want more detailed information, a specific review post is available for most of them.

The Warrior Shredding Program

Warrior shredding program is focused on getting you this kind of look.

The promise of the Warrior Shredding Program is that you can get a body similar to Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club.

That is a very lean body (<10% body fat) with some proportionate amount of muscle.

The main focus of the warrior shredding program is to burn fat while building muscle, which is a great approach for beginners who also have some fat to lose or just want to become very lean.

The program uses a heavy weight training routine with a focus on compound lifts and has three different workout sessions each week (3-day split).

Each session has a few exercises and not too many working sets. There are a number of reasons why lifting heavy weights with fewer working sets and exercises is a great option while burning fat. A reverse pyramid is used for many of the exercises, which means you will be lifting the heaviest set first.

To use your stored body fat for energy and also reduce the total amount you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. To make this easier the program recommends using intermittent fasting.

This essentially stresses the body and affects the ability to recover from training negatively.

I cover this more in-depth in my article how to use weight training to lose weight.

You can also read my full review of the warrior shredding program here.

Can You Really Burn Fat And Build Muscle At The Same Time?

The short answer: yes, you can.

Some old-school bodybuilders will deny that it.

The argument is usually something like: to build muscle you need a surplus of calories and to lose fat you need a deficit, therefore, they can’t happen at the same time.

But this is wrong because you don’t need a surplus of calories to build muscle.

What you need (in terms of nutrition) is a positive nitrogen balance which is achieved by including a good amount of protein in your diet.

However, the truth is that a surplus of calories is best and as you become more advanced the rate of which you can build muscle slows down.

So if you already carry a lot of muscle the muscle growth that can happen in a calorie deficit is going to be insignificant and it is probably not a viable option any longer.

If you want to geek out on this topic you can check out this awesome article by Menno Henselmans from Bayesian Bodybuilding.

The Greek God Program

The Greek God Program is a lean bulking program which means it is all about building muscle while gaining as little fat as possible.

As the title reveals the goal of the program is to build you a body that is worthy of a Greek god.

There are many Hollywood actors that are good examples of what such a body look like.

It is a body like Daniel Craig in James Bond, Stephen Amell in the TV-show Arrow or Christian Bale in Batman.

The workouts focus on heavy compound lifts and use two different workouts  (2-day split) while training 3 days per week.

However, this changes later when you go to another of the program’s phases and there is also a 3-day split option which is recommended at a later stage.

When using the 2-day split you will be doing either workout A two times or workout B two times. This works great and is used in other programs as well e.g. starting strength.

Hitting the same muscles with heavy compound lifts on average 1.5 times per week is great for beginners and intermediates as they have a large muscle growth potential.

Because of how the program is structured it is best for beginners to intermediates.

I have a guide on weight training for beginners if you want to know more about what is important.

Lean Bulk

A calorie surplus is optimal for building muscle but with a lean bulk approach you basically but tight control of those surplus calories.

If you are consuming more calories than your body can use to build muscle those excess calories will get stored as fat.

A lean bulk uses a surplus of calories that more or less correlates to your muscle growth potential, and by doing that you can greatly reduce fat gain.

If you think that sounds interesting you can check out this article on lean bulking.

You can also check out my detailed review of the program here.

My Greek God Transformation

This is me before and after following Kinobody programs.

Advanced Greek God Program

The advanced program expands upon the principles and strategies in the Greek God program.

Following the training style in the original Greek god program will lead to progression plateaus.

This is solved in the Advanced Greek God program by tweaking different training variables.

The price is much cheaper than the superhero bulking program and depending on your goal this might be a better choice for you.

The Superhero Bulking Program

This program is like the Greek god program also focused on building muscle.

It has many similarities, however, the differences and tweaks compared to the Greek god program do make a huge difference as you become more advanced.

As you gain more muscle the training stimulus required for further growth increases. Basically, you need to lift heavier and increase volume which requires a longer recovery.

Explained very briefly, the Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program uses a 3-day split program with three training days per week.

The program uses four phases each are 2 months long where different muscles are emphasized in the training.

In weight training terms this can also be called periodization, which is probably even more important as you become more advanced.

The program puts a lot of volume on upper body movements and less volume on legs. This is because the purpose of the program is to build a superhero physique, which requires more work for the upper body than legs.

Additionally, since your muscle growth potential is lower your calorie surplus should also be adjusted which is the case.

Compared to the Greek god program you are eating at a smaller surplus.

You can check out my detailed review of the Superhero Bulking Program here.

Special Note On Warrior, Greek God, And Superhero

These three programs are by far the most popular.

They follow an interesting model or concept made by Kinobody.

Each course refers to a “physique stage” with a gradual larger muscular development.

You can essentially go through the different stages as they are defined by Kinobody and “level up” your physique as you progress.

The physique stages are called “Warrior”, “Greek God” and “Superhero” similar to the programs.

For each stage, you have benchmarks of relative strength in different key lifts like overhead press, incline bench press, and weighted chin-ups/pull-ups and also body measurements.

A very interesting part of this concept is that you can make quite accurate estimations of how much you have to lift in either of these lifts before you achieve that certain physique as long as you are lifting in the right rep range (5-10).

That means you have quantifiable metrics that are great to focus on.

Besides providing options that cater to people with different preferences these three courses also work well to “ascend” the buyer from one course to the other as they complement each other.

Ready for some heavy lifting?

Why Not Just One Course?

The rationale behind the three-part division is sound from a technical weight training standpoint, because how you structure your training needs to be adjusted as you gain more strength and muscle.

Personal preferences differ as well, so it also makes sense to have individual programs with the goal of achieving a specific physique.

Some people would prefer the lean and sleek look of the warrior physique, so they stick to that program.

Other people will like the impressive Greek god body. This is actually the most popular program.

Finally, not all want to become big like a superhero.

Of course from a marketing standpoint, it is also great to have individual programs to sell for increasing the amount of money each customer spends (customer lifetime value). 

The Goddess Toning Program

This program is made specifically for women and the focus is on burning fat while building muscle similar to the warrior shredding program.

As hinted in the program title it will make you look like a goddess.

Here are a few examples of that looks like (which were also mention above)

It is women like Jessica Biel, Scarlet Johansson, and Gal Gadot.

Like most of the Kinobody fitness programs, the workouts involve heavy weight training but with a minimalistic approach.

The program uses three different workouts once a week (3-day split) and each session is approximately 1 hour.

Unlike what some might believe lifting heavy will not make you big and bulky, and the program goes into detail explaining why.

Many women go wrong about getting a slim and toned body by doing cardio and dieting alone.

This will not get you that stunning and feminine body many actresses have and what most women are looking for.

Since a main part of the program is losing fat a calorie deficit is required. That is mainly done by eating less, but the program also recommends adding in some cardio.

Doing some cardio can speed up the fat loss process, and especially women with a smaller body will have to eat very little if they are creating the calorie deficit through diet alone.

You can check out my detailed review of the Goddess toning program here.

The Kinobooty Program

Kinobooty is the second program specifically for women.

The program does have many similarities to the goddess toning program, however where the focus of the toning program is slimming down while building some muscle the focus of the kinobooty is to build muscle, especially around the butt.

As other programs, the focus is on lifting heavy weights but these workout routines will especially help firm up your butt and get what is often referred to as “bubble butt” which many women desire.

The workout routines will also greatly improve the hip-to-waist ratio.

Having the hip-to-waist ratio is known for being one of the strongest signs of physical attraction in women.

You probably heard this referred to as the hourglass figure.

The program does have three different phases with one specifically for fat loss. This can be skipped if not necessary.

Bodyweight Mastery

The aim of the program is to build a strong and aesthetic body using only bodyweight movements.

Training with bodyweight can be very effective but is generally more challenging to program your workouts for progressive overload compared to lifting weights.

Progressive overload is by far the most important factor for muscle growth, you can check out my article on how to build muscle for more information.

The program focuses on solving the concern of progression and lays out a very solid progression plan with 8 different phases.

This will probably work for a very long time before you will experience progression problems.

In my opinion, training with bodyweight alone is harder compared to lifting weights.

But there is, of course, the benefit of not needing weights and will be able to complete all your workouts with very little equipment.

Basically, as long as you have a pull-up bar and somewhere to do dips you don’t have to pay for a gym membership.

Bodyweight training done the right way can give you an awesome body.

Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0

The purpose of this program is to burn fat while maintaining muscle (note: maintaining).

In order to burn fat while maintaining muscle, you need a calorie deficit while still getting sufficient nutrients especially protein and you need to provide the right kind of muscle stimulus.

For further reading, you can check out something I wrote here on why you need to weight training and how to use weight training to lose weight.

The program uses heavy weight training with low volume which is very effective for maintaining muscle in a calorie deficit.

The program has 3 different workouts per week (3-day split).

You can expect to lose fat at a rapid rate but it is not some kind of “crash diet”.

How fast you can lose fat is about how big an energy deficit is being maintained, but if you go too extreme you will have many issues and you will probably fail.

Also, your life will suck and you will lose your mind.

There are some strategies that might work to create a very large deficit without many negative effects on short-term but those almost never work on a long-term basis.

Examples of such strategies are fasting. Doing a 30-day fast is incredibly hard and to be honest, not recommendable, but fasting for 24 hours or 16 hours (a.k.a. intermittent fasting) can work great.

Another interesting example a strategy that could work on short-term is the weird potato diet which I tried myself. Read about my experience with the potato diet here.

If you have a significant amount of fat to lose it is going to take a long time so you need strategies that work on a long-term basis.

This is what is taught in the aggressive fat loss program.

The program is for both men and women and you can read my review of the aggressive fat loss program here.

Cardio Abs And Mobility

The program is intended to work alongside other Kinobody programs like the Greek or warrior shredding for days where you don’t do weight training.

The cardio consists of incline walking, sprint intervals, and rope skipping.

The abs workout consist mainly of leg raises and L-sits.

For a free option on abs and mobility, I recommend the awesome abs workout article by Rusty Moore.

10 Rules Of Intermittent Fasting

It is a short guide on how to implement intermittent fasting the same way as Greg does and which is also explained in each of his fitness programs

Kinobody Style Guide

This is a thorough guide for men on how to dress with style like a Hollywood actor.

If you have built an impressive body you might also want to “upgrade” your fashion style.

Greg has explained one of the main reasons for creating this course was because so many people asked about the clothes he was wearing.

👉How To Save 20$ On Fitness Courses👈

On the official Kinobody website there is a short survey which will lead to a recommendation of a specific fitness course after you have answered a series of questions about age, body, and goals.

This recommended course is discounted 20$!

The trick is that if you already know which course you want to buy, then you have to answer the questions correctly.

You might not get it right the first time, but it is pretty easy to figure out once you have gone through the survey once.


Here is a link to the survey. You can also click the image below.

Part Three – The Physical Products

 Kinobody also sells physical products most notable are the very durable dipping/pull-up belt for attaching weights to your body and the supplements.

There is a clear pattern in the products being sold which is they complement what is being taught in fitness courses.

Below you will find all the different products.


Microplates or fractional plates are very light plates and many gyms don’t have them.

They are usually associated with advanced lifters, but they are really for useful and makes progression easier even for beginners.

By using these very small plates you can increase the weight incrementally and fill in the gap between the smallest plates usually found in the gym which is 2.5 pounds / 1.25 kg.

Kino Belt

This is a very durable dipping/pull-up belt created specifically to the requirements of Greg.

Chin-ups and pull-ups are exercises used in almost all of the fitness courses. As you progress through the courses you are going to perform those exercises with a lot of weight.

Fasting Fuel (High-Quality Coffee)

Greg likes to drink black coffee and advocates drinking it while fasted to suppress hunger.

According to what I could gather a lot of Kinobody’s follows his advice and also like to drink black coffee.

I also like it myself.

The coffee is sold at a premium price it should also be of high quality.

Kinobody Octane (Pre-workout)

The pre-workout contains a mix of powerful ingredients in effective dosages proven to enhance focus and improve gym performance.

The effects of the ingredients are backed by science, but you should remember that supplements only make a very small difference. Much smaller than any supplement company will tell you.

You can check out something I wrote about the best supplements for weight training here.

In my opinion, pre-workouts are only a worth it if you are working out in when you are tired e.g. in the evening after a hard day.

Kino SLEEP (Sleeping Aid)

This supplement should both be calming and sleep-inducing.

The ingredients in the supplements are known to help improve the quality of your sleep in terms of recovery and restores hormonal balance and helps remove caffeine from your bloodstream.

Many people have said it works well.

If you have trouble falling asleep this could be useful supplement

Kino Aminos (BCAA)

Branched-chained amino acids (BCAA) consist of the 3 essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

Amino acids are what proteins are made of. There are 9 essential amino acids which your body can’t create by itself.

BCAA’s have been shown to improve protein synthesis which can be used strategically if training in a fasted state.

There is nothing special about a BCAA supplement and if you are supplementing with protein powder you are already getting some BCAAs.

If you wondering whether you should use protein powder, you can check out something I wrote here.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions regarding this Kinobody review or the various Kinobody workouts or programs, then feel free to use the comment section below 🙂

About the author: My name is Marcus, I am a lawyer (LL.M.) and the founder of this website. Besides sometimes doing lawyer stuff, I like to write about fitness and health and share what I have found “works” for people like YOU. If you want to know more about me and my vision for this website then you can click here.

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