TimTam Vs Kraft Gun – Massage Gun Showdown!

Do you want to learn more about the popular massage guns from TimTam and Kraft Gun and how they compare?

Then you are in luck!

In this comparative review, I will be taking a close look at the TimTam Power Massager Pro and the Kraft Gun from GetKraft so you will know which one is the better choice for you!

These handheld massage devices are getting increasingly popular. Pro athletes and fitness enthusiasts will use them to promote speedy recovery while physiotherapists and other medical professionals will use them as a piece of supplemental equipment to help their clients manage various pain.

However, if you think you could use a lightweight and portable device that allows you to relieve your sore muscles wherever and whenever it is convenient for you, then you can benefit as well!

Product Comparison Table

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Name (Pricing) Pros Cons
TimTam Power Massager Pro ($$$)
  • Quiet
  • Removable battery
  • Pricy
  • Short battery life
Kraft Gun ($$)
  • Long battery life
  • Cheap
  • Non-removable battery
  • Noisy

Note: There is a 120 USD discount on the Kraft Gun currently – click the link above to claim the discount.

Intended Users

Both the TimTam and Kraftgun are made for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. These people often experience muscle soreness from their intensive training sessions. Instead of enduring or going to professional physiotherapists every now and then, massage guns offer the convenience of home-based treatment 24/7.

TimTam Power Massage Pro claims that by simply using the device for 5 minutes, the power is equivalent to having 30 minutes of professional massage. The manufacturer even cites that deep massage has been shown to increase performance by 2-5%.

As for Kraftgun, total body recovery will only require 15 minutes with each muscle group receiving only 2 minutes to experience muscle relaxation and pain relief.

With the power of both massage guns, you can treat yourself at the comfort of your home. The powerful performance of both TimTam and Kraftgun offer instant recovery.

Features and Benefits Compared

While both massage guns deliver powerful strokes, the TimTam has a stroke length of 30 mm compared to Kraftgun with a mere 16 mm. The TimTam has 3 speed settings: 1000, 2000, and 2800 RPM and the massage arm can be rotated 175 degrees making it easy to hit every spot on the body.

This is the TimTam Power Massager Pro

The Kraftgun’s speed can be adjusted from 1800 to 2400 RPM and the arm be rotated 90 degrees (three different angles).

For minor muscle pain and for beginners, lower rpm is advised whereas for those who are used to the vibrations, the higher strokes per minute can give a very powerful massage.

TimTam massage gun is highly recommended for the neck, upper back, lower back, chest, deltoid, upper arm, forearm, and even for the hands. Unlike its predecessors that require constantly holding the trigger to work on a muscle, the one touch trigger of Power Massage Pro keeps working no matter where you hold it.

As for the Kraftgun, it is easy for self-use especially when targeting the muscles of the back. It delivers a deep and powerful relaxing massage. The compact design is easy to hold allowing you to reach even the most difficult spots of the body.

One great feature of TimTam Power Massage Pro is the automatic heat infusion technology and the muscle temperature sensor. The heated tip and the sensor target optimum temperature for muscle relaxation. Warming up the muscle loosens the fiber better an thus, highly efficient in reducing soreness and inflammation.

Lastly, the GPS tracking system is another plus point for TimTam. This may be an unnecessary feature for some but for those who are forgetful, this is a lifesaving addition. It helps you to easily find your equipment in case you misplace it, you lose it, or even when someone steals it.

Here is  side to side comparison of the TimTam Power Massager Pro Vs Kraftgun.

TimTam Kraft Gun
Versatility 175 degrees articulation
3 massage attachments incl.
Auto heating + 4 programs
90 degrees articulation
4 massage attachments incl
RPM 1000, 2000, 2800
Stroke 1.25″ / 32 mm 0.6″ / 16 mm
Sound 50 – 75 dB(A)* 65-70 dB(A)*
Battery 1 hour (removable) 3.5 hours (built-in)
Price 499 USD 369 USD (w/o discount)

*dB(A) takes into consideration the background noise. You can read more about decibels and A-weighting here.

Noise level is an important factor especially when massaging the neck and traps area. But is also matters for the people in your near vicinity. Kraftgun’s noise registers at 65-70 dB. This is about halfway the level between a normal conversation and a vacuum cleaner.

Kraftgun gets the edge when it comes to the battery life. The 3.5 average usage in one charge is impressive. However, the non-removable battery means that you cannot use the device while it’s charging, thus, limiting its usage. It can be better if the manufacturer has used a removal battery instead.

src=”https://strengthery.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/kraftgun.jpg” alt=”” width=”450″ height=”450″ /> Kraft Gun – the new kid on the block

Both TimTam and Kraftgun models come with a manufacturer’s warranty and 30 day-money back guarantees. However, the warranty of Kraftgun is longer at 2 years compared with only 90 days with TimTam. On the warranty aspect, Kraftgun is a winner.

It should be mentioned that TimTam also has a basic model with many strong feautures. It comes at 249 USD and you can read more about it here.

Company Profile

TimTam Power Massage Pro is among the third generation of products from TimTam, a company known for creating the most powerful massage guns. The company calls this model the world’s first “smart” massage gun.

It is designed by leading doctors, physios, and coaches. For this, you can expect a well-designed product that is backed up by science.

On the other hand, Kraftgun is a “newbie” in the field. It has gained attention because of their aggressive marketing strategies on social media. This is the only device they have currently. But as the flagship, expect that the company has also put a lot of effort to meet the expectations of the market.


Massage guns are the popular options for a 24/7 need for muscle relaxation. They provide relief from all post work-out muscle pain. The powerful strokes break down the build up of lactic acid and provide an effective way to relax the muscles.

If you have the budget and would appreciate greater versatility, I would recommend the TimTam Power Massage Pro. Its features, add-ons, quiet operation, and the company behind shows superiority. It is endorsed and highly recommended by professional athletes, coaches, trainers, and physiotherapists.

For those who do not mind the non-removable battery option and are very conscious with their budget, Kraftgun is a great option. Although not as powerful as the TimTam it will give you a lot of the same perks at a lesser price.

This post contains affilate links. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through a link on this page and make a purchase.

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