TimTam Power Massager Review – Probably The Best Massager In Town

Are you looking for a thorough review of the popular power massager from TimTam? If you can say “yes” to that, then you have landed on the right page!

In this review, I will be taking a thorough look at both the normal and the pro version.

It is my goal that once you have finished reading this review you will be able to make a well-informed decision no matter you choose to buy a massager from TimTam or not.

Should you have any questions, feel free to use the comment section below. I usually reply fast 🙂

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Who Can Benefit From The TimTam Massager?

Before I get into the two products, I want to briefly elaborate on who might benefit from the TimTams.

The TimTam massagers are endorsed by sports coaches, pro athletes and physiotherapists alike, e.g. the well-known MMA coach Firas Zahabi.

Athletes use the massagers to recover from strenuous training, increase flexibility and range of motion while physiotherapists will use it as supplemental equipment to help their patients manage different types of pain.

But you don’t need to be an athlete or medical professional to benefit from the TimTam massager.

If you could use a handheld massage device that allows you to massage any part of the body whenever and wherever it is convenient for you, then you can benefit from the TimTam massager.

Also, the massagers are now quieter than ever, which means you won’t have to be afraid of bothering people around you while you TimTam those muscles!

TimTam All New Power Massager Review – The Basic Model Better Than Ever

The All New Power Massager replaced the previous model known as the Power massager v1.5. It has several upgrades that make it a worthy successor and it still comes at a very competitive price.

The industrial-grade motor in the TimTam delivers 2500 powerful strokes per minute with a stroke length of 1″ / 26 mm and a stall force at 75+ lbs / 34 kg. That is a lot of power and it will allow you to get into the thickets of muscle tissue, e.g. a thick bodybuilder thigh😎

When operated, the massager does produce some noise, but it is a lot less than its predecessor. It clocks in at 25 dB (machine only) and if you take into consideration normal background noise you will get something like 60 – 80 dB(a). You can read more about decibels and A-weighting here.

It is operated by a so-called “one-touch trigger” meaning you press it once and it will run. No need to hold down the trigger.

It is equipped with a 12V, 2.0 Ah removable li-ion battery. That will give your massager enough juice for up to 60 minutes of continuous use.

Its massage arm can be rotated 90 degrees so it is easier to hit various spots on the body. 

The weight of the machine is 2.2 lbs / 1kg is and it comes with a cool carrying case and one massage tip. More tips can be purchased separately.

Check out the TimTam All New Power Massager here!

timtam all new power massager

Looking for a nice neck massage?

What Is New?

In case you are wondering what the improvements were to the TimTam “All New Power Massager” here is a short summarizing list:

  • Noise reduction: from 35 dB to 25 dB (machine only)
  • Battery improvements: battery life extended from 30 to 60 minutes of continuous use.
  • Massive increase to stroke length: from 16mm to 26mm.
  • Easier to operate with the “one-touch trigger”.
  • International charged included.
  • Improved anti-microbial plastics.
  • A tiny bit lighter: 0.1 lb / 45 grams.

How Noisy Is It?


Check out this video where the famous Philippine boxing champion Manny Pacquiao uses the All New Power Massager.

TimTam Power Massager Pro Review

The Timtam Power Massager Pro is the most advanced and powerful massager on the market.

With three speeds of 1000, 2000, and 2800 RPM, an incredible 1.2″ / 30 mm stroke length and a stall force at 75+ lbs / 34 kg, no other massager this size comes close to delivering the same amount of power.

You can work even deeper into the muscle tissue or make even quicker work of any soreness with the 4 different massage programs that the pro version has.

It has an LED display, a one-touch trigger, and can heat the massage tip automatically from the device itself (alternatively it can be put in the microwave).

It has a high capacity battery that allows for 60 minutes of continuous use. The massage arm can be rotated at a 175 degrees angle making it even easier to operate and hit any spot.

Some major engineering has gone into this machine, so even with all that power the massager only weighs 2lbs / 0.9 kg and is very quiet. At its lowest speed setting 1000 RPM, its noise is only 10 dB and at 2800 RPM it is at 25 dB (machine only). If you take the normal background noise into consideration, you will get something like 50 – 75 dB(a). 

Included in the purchase comes an international charger, 3 massage tips, and a premium travel bag. A cold massage therapy tip can be purchased separately.

With GPS tracking technology unique to the pro version, you won’t have to fear to misplace the unit.

In this video, famous MMA coach Firas Zahabi shows you the Pro version. You can hear for yourself how quiet the machine is.


Check out the TimTam Power Massager Pro here!

TimTam Power Massager Pro is the most advanced and powerful massager on the market!

The Timtam All New Power Massager Vs The Power Massager Pro

Both massagers from TimTam are very powerful and can potentially make a big difference when it comes to recovery and pain management.

No matter which one you choose I am sure you won’t be disappointed. The pro version does come with a lot of extra functionality, but also at a much higher price. In the table below, I have highlighted the main differences.

  Basic version “All New”  Pro version
Versatility 90 degrees articulation
1 massage attachment incl.
1 program
175 degrees articulation
3 massage attachments incl.
Auto heating + 4 programs
RPM 2500  1000, 2000, 2800
Stroke 1″ / 26mm 1.2″ / 30 mm
Sound (dB) 25 dB 10 – 25 dB
Price 299 USD 499 USD


Depending on what you need, spending the extra money on the pro version could be worth it.

Ask yourself, do you need the extra versatility that comes with the pro, i.e. massage delicate tissue with low speed and/or the extra power and speed to penetrate deeper into the tissue.

The built-in heating that comes with the pro version is nice, but bear in mind that heatable massage tips are also compatible with the All New Power Massager.

Both heatable and freezable massage tips can be purchased separately.

Customer Impressions

People love the Timtam massagers – even Joe Rogan from the Joe Rogan Show does!

You will often see buyers refer to the TimTam as a “game-changer” when it comes to speeding up their recovery. I think it is fair to say that the product lives up to the customers’ expectations or sometimes even exceeds them.

The All New Massager and the pro version are both third-generation products from Timtam and they have gone through quite a lot of improvements. 

How Do They Compare To Other Products?

In terms of massage power, TimTams are known for being among the top in the market. With the improvements to noise reduction, they are also among the quietest.

The selection of massage tips/massage heads are also good. In fact, the heat and cold massage tips are something you won’t find in any of the other major brands.

When it comes to battery life alone, the TimTams are about average. However, if we factor in the weight of the machines we get a whole other result entirely.

The TimTam massagers are noticeably lighter than other massagers, especially the ones who have a longer battery life like the Theragun G3Pro or the Hyperice Hypervolt.

This can make a big difference when you are maneuvering the device around your body to hit some of those hard-to-reach sore spots.

What Is So Good About Massage Anyway – Why Do You Need It?

OK – that was a lot on about the two massagers from TimTam. If you are not convinced why you would need a massage in the first place, then allow me to convince you!

Getting a massage is not just a luxurious indulgement. It is also an effective way to deal with sore and overworked muscles that are so common due to the many physiological and psychological stresses in our daily life.

Sure it feels awesome to get a massage, e.g. at the neck after a long day at the office. But sore and achy muscles do inhibit your movement and can make daily routine actions harder than they should be.

Massaging overworked muscle tissue can speed up recovery so you are ready for your favorite physical activity faster. If you want to perform well and sustain long hours of hard work and focus, then you can’t afford to lose out because of sore muscles.

In addition, the way we use our body and interact with the environment on a daily basis creates muscular imbalances, e.g. working or studying at a desk, using a computer, looking at a smartphone, watching television, etc.

Some muscle tissue gets short and tight while others become overstretched and weak resulting in a poor posture like rounded shoulders and forward head posture. This also creates a lot of muscle tension and soreness and can be alleviated by massage.

Do The TimTams Really Work? (Does Massage Work?)

I would not be able to write all these positives things and still sleep at night without also sharing the fact that the scientific evidence surrounding the topic of massage is not very clear.

Maybe it comes as a surprise to you, but it is not clear how massage actually “works” or the extent of it. In addition, there are a lot of claims that are simply nonsense. Read more here.

Some notable effects that evidence suggests include:
  • Can potentially alleviate delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Read more about it here (meta-analysis).
  • The so-called myofascial-release can potentially help muscle recovery and performance. Read more about it here (meta-analysis).
  • Beneficial for managing and alleviating pain. Check out the study here (meta-analysis).
  • Decrease to cortisol and increases to the level of the two neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine.

The Bottom Line – Will The TimTam Be Your Next Best Friend?  🧐

TimTam All New Power Massager and the Power Massager Pro remain true to their name of bringing the most powerful deep tissue massage. Both are great products!

Relieve sore muscles, release scar tissue and muscle knots, speed up recovery and increase performance, all are effects that customers have confirmed.

If you are frequently going to a massage therapist or chiropractor you should expect to require less frequent visits with a TimTam at home. From that perspective, it can be a more convenient and cost-effective treatment method.

The TimTam All New Power Massager offers great value for your money but does come with limited massage tips that would otherwise to purchase separately.

If you have the budget, the TimTam Power Massager Pro does offer a lot of functionality that could make it worthwhile. 

This post contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through a link on this page and make a purchase.

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