Which is Better: Theragun vs Kraft Gun?

When a new product or product type comes into an industry, like percussion massagers have come into the health and fitness industry in the last few years, there are usually a few products that sit at the top initially.

These are usually products with a lot of money and development time invested in them from the companies that made them, and they do this to grow and create a brand so this product is known in the new niche of the industry.

In the percussion massage industry, it can’t be argued that one of the most well-known products is Theragun.

It’s not the only option, however. There are plenty of other ones, and in this article, I will be comparing the Theragun with the Kraft Gun.

I will keep it short in restating the purposes of a percussion massager:

Reducing muscle soreness, promoting blood flow, and speeding up recovery time after a workout. They do this by rapidly massaging deep muscle tissues without any pain 🙂

So, now that we understand what both products are supposed to do, which is better? Easier asked than answered. Let’s look deeper.

Product Comparison Table

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Name (Pricing) Pros Cons
Theragun G3($$$)
  • Industry-leading brand
  • Short battery life
Kraft Gun ($$$/$$*)
  • Long battery life
  • Quieter
  • Poor customer service

*Note: There is a 120 USD discount on the Kraft Gun currently – click the link above to claim the discount.

Theragun vs Kraft Gun: Which to Compare?

The first issue with comparing the Kraft Gun with the Theragun is that the pricing isn’t exactly the same.

The most expensive model of the Theragun is far more expensive than the Kraft Gun is.

To further complicate the issue, Theragun has multiple products with various price and functionality and Kraft Gun has only one as of this post’s writing.

So, the simplest way to compare them is to take the closest priced models and look at the specifications. Fortunately, the Theragun has a medium-priced model that will serve well for this, as they’re very similarly priced.

The Kraft Gun is intended to be a high-quality, medium-priced massage gun. I will be using the Theragun G3 to compare it to which is also intended to be a mid-range model.

If you want to check out the other models from Theragun, then this comparison should be useful.

Check out the video below showing the G3.

Immediate Specifications of Theragun and Kraft Gun

Right away, a few differences can be noted. The first, and one of the biggest, is the massive difference in supposed battery life between the Theragun and the Kraft Gun.

The Theragun has a modest battery life of about 60 minutes on a full charge, while the Kraft Gun boasts of a 3.5 hour duration on a full charge, and suggests you will only have to charge it once a month.

The speeds are extremely similar. The Kraft Gun has three speeds, and its lower settings are far slower than the Theragun: but when you crank it up, both are about even on the speed at about 2400 RPM.

They are both very light, with the Kraft Gun sitting at 2.2 lbs / 1 kg and the Theragun sitting at about 2.7 lbs / 1.2 kg.

The force of each gun is another place where the Kraft Gun edges out. It has a stall force of anywhere between 66-80~ pounds, according to their website. The Theragun G3, however, has only about 40 pounds at maximum force.

This is a noticeable increase and win for the Kraft Gun in this area. The Theragun’s flagship model has a similar force–but then, it is much more expensive, and the Kraft Gun is managing this on a similar price range as the G3.

Both guns feature similar massage attachments/massage tips and 4 are included in each. However, only the Kraft Gun can have its massage arm adjusted in 3 three different positions that span about 90 degrees. This makes it easier to hit those hard-to-reach spots by yourself.

The Theragun and Kraft Gun design differs slightly, but they’re similar enough that it’s not really worth comparing. They are both lightweight, portable and have ergonomic grips for more comfortable use.

One final point to make before we move on here is that the Kraft Gun is quiet while operating at about 65 dB. The reason why this is important is in many reviews of the G3, people complain about the noise and it being far too loud (more on that later). Needless to say, the Kraft Gun wins in this area.

See the Kraft Gun in action in this video. Awesome German accent as well 🙂

Pricing and Customer Impressions

The Kraft Gun and the Theragun G3 are priced similarly.  However, the Kraft Gun has been on sale for quite some time now, and if you take advantage of that you get the Kraft Gun significantly cheaper than the G3.

Customer impressions are also important, and here, the Theragun actually (mostly) edges out. The biggest issue is people complaining about noise, which even though it has been improved upon with the most recent generation of products from Theragun is still a bit loud. For the most part, people are praising performance and ease-of-use.

With the Kraft Gun, a lot of people are very happy with the product and praise how useful it is, but there are also many more negative reviews posted on their own site. The issue is that many customers are waiting for up to two months or even more for the Kraft Gun to arrive.

Needless to say, in the modern world, that’s unacceptable shipping time. Even international shipping on auto parts is usually no less than a month, and that’s shipping from around the world with free shipping on smaller, cheaper parts. Shipping for such an expensive product should be of higher quality.

I think the most logical reason must be that they don’t have the Kraft Gun in stock, perhaps they are production facilities are not able to keep up with the demand.

People also complain about the customer service with the Kraft Gun, as they leave question after question and try to get updates on their shipping and their order, only to be left in silence. All of these reviews are readable on the Kraft Gun website if you are curious.

If nothing else, I respect their honesty in leaving these reviews readable on their website, though it obviously only hurts their brand. Still, any wary consumer can be warned about the possibilities of waiting six to eight weeks or more to receive their product.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to compare and think about when it comes to this purchase. The Theragun has much faster shipping time and customer service while having a comparable performance in most areas to the Kraft Gun. It only truly loses in terms of battery power, stall force, and noise, but keeps up in speed, weight, different modes and attachments, and nearly all other areas.

The Kraft Gun, for the price range, has the absolute max power, but there are noticeable negative reviews about the shipping time, with some people not receiving their product after two months. Many users complain about a delay in shipping.

Both products are very good at what they do. If you don’t mind the risk of the delay, the Kraft Gun is better, but otherwise, the Theragun is very similar while being far more safe to order.

No matter what, both products are incredible at providing massages, and will assist you in recovering from workouts, muscle damage, back pain, and a multitude of other issues.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through a link on this page and make a purchase. Read more here.

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