The Awesome Nutrition Guide

How would you like to burn off unwanted fat and fuel growth of jaw-dropping lean muscle while eating the foods you desire?

Rather than having to follow a ridiculously restrictive diet, wouldn’t it be awesome if I could teach you how to set up your own diet to burn fat and build muscle in a fast and predictable manner?

Wouldn’t it then be even more awesome if I also revealed how to deal with the toughest dieting sticking-point for achieving your fitness goals which most fitness professionals are not talking about?

 All this and more is what you get in my new free pdf titled The Awesome Nutrition Guide.

I have changed the name from the lean muscular physique diet blueprint because the name was too long and kind of lame.

What Is The Awesome Nutrition Guide?

It is the blueprint or step-by-step solution to setting up your diet in order to get a lean muscular body (men) or a slim and toned body (women) and very importantly being able to stick with it!

To give you a clear and easily relatable example of what I mean, is that it is about getting the kind of body most Hollywood actors have in movies, and which by many people is regarded as very desirable.

This is the look of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, Christian Bale in Batman or Daniel Craig in James Bond.

For women, it is, for example, Scarlett Johansson in Avengers or my favorite Ghost In The Shell or Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman.

This body is not about being as big and as ripped as possible and look like a bodybuilder.

It is characterized by having an aesthetically pleasing combination of a decent amount of strength and muscle in right proportions while having a body fat percentage in the lower end – somewhere around 8 – 14 % for men and 18 – 23 % for women.

Because the focus is on strength and muscle while having a low body fat percentage, relative strength (your strength compared to your body weight) becomes an excellent metric for measuring your physique progress.

Your idea of what a lean muscular physique / slim and toned body looks like might be different, but understand that this diet will pretty much support any kind of muscular development.

Getting the lean muscular physique definitely requires effort and dedication, but I am being perfectly honest here when I say that I think it requires less effort than you think.

Eating Your Favorite Foods?

You might be asking yourself how it is possible to eat your favorite foods while at the same time burn fat and/or build muscle or even doubting that it can be true.

Your suspicion is understandable, even more so if you like many others have come to view food in terms of either good or bad.

This kind of rationale is what you often see in popular articles/lists titled something like “10 amazing foods that will get you six-pack abs in no time” or “10 bad foods that you need to avoid if you want a slim body”.

This kind of thinking is problematic and leads to an unnecessary restriction in your food choices. The truth is that no food in isolation is good or bad.

You have to instead look at a much bigger picture.

It is the combination of all your food choices in other words, your diet that can be either good or bad at getting you a specific outcome or in general ensuring that you have a healthy body.

Getting a lean muscular physique while eating what you desire requires a basic understanding of nutrition, and that you adopt a carefully calibrated and fine-tuned approach to the things that matter the most – namely consistency with energy balance and macronutrients.

When you are doing that any great diet has plenty of room for even the “worst” food.

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