The Best Compression Shirt For Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries are the worst and if you recently got your shoulder injured I am sure you can agree with that.

Basically, they are painful, handicapping and take a long time to recover.

There are a lot of things you can’t do with an injured shoulder and if you are lifting weights most exercises for your upper body should be avoided.

Because the shoulder is complicated joint with a lot of things going on it takes a long time to recover.

For those reasons buying a compression shirt to speed up recovery can be a very good idea. Of course, you should also do stretching and strengthening exercises.

Below you will 3 different suggestions on the best compression shirt for shoulder injury.

Got a shoulder injury?

Shoulder Injury Explained Briefly

The shoulder joint has a lot of functions and is complicated in its structure.

Because of that there are many things can go wrong and a shoulder injury can be many different things.

Although you might feel pain in the bone most problems in the shoulder involve the muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

If you are regularly exercising or lifting weights (which I recommend) your shoulder injury is very likely due to repetitive pushing vertical or horizontal movements over a longer period.

In other words, your shoulder injury doesn’t happen due to one workout or exercising session but the build-up of many “microtrauma” over a long period.

As mentioned there are many different kinds of shoulder injuries and explaining them all here would be out of proportion.

However, it is often a problem with the rotator cuff. You can check out this thing I wrote about different exercises you can use to prevent and recover a rotator cuff injury.

For your reference, here is a list of many different shoulder injuries with a thorough explanation.

Why Some Compressions Shirts Are Better Than Others

Compression shirts are a great tool to speed up muscle recovery and can also help with injury recovery.

But when your shoulder is injured there is one more thing to consider. It is very likely that your shoulder or whole upper body posture suffers from the injury. More on this below.

Interestingly enough, there are some special compression shirts that also work to improve your posture by stimulating relevant muscles to either lengthen or contract.

These are in my opinion your best choice and if you compare the price range they are around the same level or not much more expensive.

Why Compression Is Good For Your Shoulder Injury

Compression both reduces swelling which potentially can reduce inflammation and the buildup of excess fluid and it increases blood flow.

Inflammation and excess fluid can hinder recovery, and with increased blood flow more oxygen and nutrients are delivered speeding up the recovery.

Increased blood flow is especially potent for the shoulder as it is already a dense area that receives a limited blood flow compared to other areas in your body.

So, compression is like a double whammy as it reduces recovery hindering effects and while also having recovery speed increasing effects.

Why Posture Correction Is Good For Your Shoulder Injury

Poor upper body posture is a common issue because we spend most of the time sitting down focusing on things in front of us.

Many people have what is known as rounded shoulders/hunched posture and/or forward head posture.

It is likely that a bad shoulder posture was a contributing factor to your injury in the first place and

by improving your posture you reduce the risk of getting injured again in the future.

It also looks better.

Another thing is that when a muscle, ligament or tendon is injured it normally becomes tighter. If something becomes tighter inside the shoulder your shoulder can potentially be pulled in that direction.

Furthermore, in order to avoid pain, you don’t use the shoulder as much and position it in a “less-optimal” way while recovering. This leads to worse posture as well.

Best Compression Shirt For Shoulder Injury – Top 3

Intelliskin – Posture Correcting Tee

The IntelliSkin essential/foundation shirt is a stylish all-white or all-black (only white for men) tee that you can wear alone or underneath other clothing.

Intelliskin is an American company and is highly regarded and used by many pro-athletes to increase their athletic performance.

The company also sells other shirts with different color schemes but with more focus on increasing performance instead of correcting posture.

The company is founded by an expert in Kinesio taping and the products are developed with the use of clinical trials and research.

Product Features

PostureCue” Technology

PostureCue is a patented technology of Intelliskin. The founder of the company explains that this is what helps to correct posture by activating your muscles.

Technical Fabric

A blend of different fabrics including nylon, lycra, polyester, and spandex makes it both lightweight and have a compressing effect. These fabrics are commonly used in compression apparel.

The fabric is both form-fitting and moisture wicking & antimicrobial.

The shirts can be washed in a machine with cold water and gentle rotation, but they should be hung up for drying and NOT put in a tumble-drier.

A Second Skin

The shirt is a tight fit and works like a second skin!


  • Lightweight and form-fitting
  • Stylish enough that you can wear by itself
  • Endorsed by pro-athletes
  • Retrains and strengthens “posture muscles”
  • Invented by a doctor with immense experience in Kinesio Taping
  • Backed by research and clinical trials
  • Generally very positive feedback


  • Pricy
  • Some have issues with buying the right size
  • Has to be worn on your skin

You can check out more information and what other people have to say about the product on Amazon.

Click here for men, and click here for women.

Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0 – Zipper

Alignmed is also an American company specializing in posture correcting clothing.

The company was founded by an entrepreneur who many years ago set out to find an alternative solution to a spinal surgery to fix his back pain.

Luckily he found the solution and he created his company to share his solution.

The company now has a large advisory board of professionals helping developing the clothing with use trials and research. The shirts are both endorsed by many physiotherapist and pro-athletes.

The posture shirt 2.0 is the second generation and is equipped with a zipper in front. This makes it easy to put on and is really great if you have shoulder pain.

Product Features

Neuroband technology

The shirt have special bands build into the fabric. These bands stimulates the muscles to contract and help you keep great posture. Over time this leads to better movement patterns and muscle recruitment resulting in less tear on joints.


Compression leads to faster muscle recovery due to increased blood flow & oxygen intake.

Special Fabric

The fabric is made of 83% polyester and 17% spandex. It is form-fitting, moisture wicking & anti-microbial.

The fabric has vented panels for breathability.


This version of the shirt comes with a zipper and so it is super easy to put on. You can also get it in a pull-over version.


  • Lightweight and form-fitting
  • Looks cool
  • Endorsed by pro-athletes
  • breathable
  • Created under the advisory of several medical doctors
  • Backed by research and clinically tested
  • Generally very positive feedback


  • Tight fitting could be a problem if you are not used to compression clothing
  • Pricy (often seems cheaper then Intelliskin – but not a lot)
  • Has to be worn on your skin
  • No adjustability

You can read more information about the products on Amazon. Click here for men and click here for women.

CEP Wingtech Short Sleeve Shirt

CEP is a German company with a long history of producing useful products for healthcare and sports market.

Their medical compression technology is a culmination of decades of expertise in both medicine and sports.

Product Features


Smart stripes on the back stimulate the muscles, improve posture, and performance. This design draws back the shoulders and pushes the chest forward.

Smart Fabric

Made of a blend of polyester and spandex the shirt is both comfortable to wear and moisture wicking.

German Quality

The shirt is lightweight but of high quality. The company has tested the shirt to last up to at least 150 washes and wears.


  • Lightweight and form-fitting
  • Usually more affordable than the other products above
  • The company has a very long history of creating this kind of products


  • Has to be worn on your skin
  • Posture correcting effect not as advanced as the other products above

You can read more information about the products on Amazon. Click here for men and click here for women.


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