You, A Stunning Goddess? Kinobody Goddess Toning Program Review

Do you want to create a stunningly beautiful body that turns heads?

A body that is not only slim but also have fit toned muscles and sexy hourglass curves!

The Goddess Toning Program is designed to help you quickly slim down and build feminine, proportionate and toned muscles that will give you that highly desirable hourglass figure.

The program will not make you big and bulky, but it will make you sexy, slim and toned!

The philosophy behind the program is not only to make you look stunning, but it is to make you feel great while living a healthy but flexible lifestyle where you can enjoy the food you want to eat and not be a slave to the gym.

So, if that kind of lifestyle resonates with you, then this workout and nutrition program might be what you need!

But stick around for a while because in this Kinobody Goddess Toning Program review I will cover:

  • The program in-depth
  • Results with the goddess program
  • A simple way to save 20 USD (100 % legitimate)

Note: The saving 20$ part is at the end. Yes, I put it there deliberately

As you perhaps have noticed, I am a guy reviewing a workout and nutrition program for women…

But before you close the tab in protest, I want to say that I did buy the program and I have both read and used it to coach my wife. Additionally, my sister has also got the program so I am writing this with their and other people’s experiences in mind.

Affiliate disclosure: this review contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you buy.

What Is The Kinobody Goddess Toning Program Really?🤔

The Kinobody Goddess Toning Program is a complete nutrition and workout program designed to teach you how to quickly slim down and build proportionate toned and feminine muscle.

The workouts involve strength training and lifting weights (often heavy), but with a minimalistic approach. You have to train 3 days per week for approximately 1 hour each session.

Unlike what some might believe lifting weights will not make you big and bulky, and the program goes into detail explaining why.

Many women go wrong about getting a slim and toned body by only doing cardio and a weight loss diet.

This will not get you that stunning and feminine body many actresses have and what most women are looking for….

Doing cardio and weight loss alone is not only ineffective at giving what most women really want when they think fitness, but it is also a very tough process.

The program does mention doing “light cardio” as an option, but it is not a requirement.

The program recommends using intermittent fasting and eating two big meals and a snack.

All macronutrients need to be included in your diet. So it is not a low-carb or low-fat diet.

Who Is The Kinobody Goddess Toning Program For?

Women who want a stunning, toned and sexy body like how many Hollywood actresses look like.

As hinted in the program title it will make you look like a GODDESS!

Greg has mentioned a few examples to make it more concrete what is meant by this type of body:

It is women like Jessica Biel, Scarlet Johansson, and Gal Gadot.

  • If you have some unwanted body fat, and like intermittent fasting or willing to give it a try, then the program is for you!
  • If you want to build that beautiful body many women dream of while at the same time enjoy the process, then the program is for you.

It doesn’t matter if you have any experience with lifting weights or doing cardio before.

The majority of women who have experience with going to the gym haven’t trained like what is taught in this program anyway.

this is a "goddess-type" body

This is a good example of what Greg means when he says “looking like a goddess”.

Who Is Greg O’Gallagher? (the author of the progam)

Greg O’Gallagher is a young man who has already built a small online fitness empire.

With his brand Kinobody, he has made many popular fat loss and muscle-building programs for men.

He is very active on social media especially youtube where he gives a lot of advice and content for free. He views fitness and nutrition as a way to enhance and complement life. Not an obsession.

In addition, he is a big advocate of intermittent fasting and skipping breakfast.

One major reason for his success is that he provides quality and science-based content and that his programs simply work! In making this program Greg teamed up with Dell Farrell who is a female fitness model.

One common thing worth noting about the Kinobody programs, is that they are are focused on the visual result of the training, and the Goddess Toning Program is no different.

If Are you interested in knowing more about this guy Greg and his brand Kinobdy, then you should read my in-depth Ultimate Kinobody Review.

Contents Of The Goddess Toning Program

The program is hosted on the online platform teachable. This makes for easy access and navigation. Upon purchase, you receive immediate access.

The main program is divided into sections covering workouts, nutrition and how to put it together.

Besides these obvious topics, the main program also goes in detail on what is the “goddess physique” and how to attain it, why you must do strength training to look awesome, and what kind of aspects that need to be addressed in your training that many other people got wrong.

All workout routines are both explained and illustrated in different videos. The videos are decent and show how to properly perform each exercise with good lifting technique.

Greg does a great job of explaining everything well in the program.

He explains all the different ideas and concepts in detail but with laymen terms. So it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner.

The Goddess Toning Program also comes with additional bonus guides.

As of May 2018, these include:

  • Nutrition plan for gaining lean muscle. This is very helpful if you want to get a bit more muscle once you have lost all your unwanted body fat.
  • Nutrition plan for aggressive fat loss. This is a great alternative to the more “moderate” fat loss nutrition plan in the main program. Very useful if you are determined to lose fat fast or have a lot of fat to lose.
  • Home workout plan. Is great for days you can’t make it to the gym, or if you are serious about only working out from home. Minor equipment is necessary though.
  • A mindset guide. For some people having the right mindset is the missing piece of the puzzle to why they can’t achieve what they want. This guide gives great insight actionable steps to how you can improve. It a highly recommendable read. Don’t skip it if you buy the program!
  • Forum Access. With the program also comes access to a private forum and it is also useful.
kinobody philosophy = getting this kind of body

Strategic cardio is used to help make you lose weight faster. But it is limited.

How The Goddess Toning Program Works

  • Heavy compound lifts with low repetitions

Compound lifts require the most muscle recruitment. Lifting heavy with fewer reps is an efficient way to gain strength and build muscle.

In order to build sexy toned muscles, you need to become stronger!

Technically, muscles cannot be “toned”. They can just become bigger and stronger. But by increasing the muscle size and burning off excess body fat covering up that muscle it will appear toned.

If you want to learn more about weight training for women and why I believe it is a good choice if you want a great body, then you might find this article interesting.

  • The right exercises in the right amount

By doing the right lifts in the right amount, you will build feminine and proportionate amount of muscle.

  • Limited Cardio

Doing some cardio can speed up the fat loss process. But doing too much can potentially do more damage than good. It can negatively affect your mood, hunger, and energy levels.

Some people like cardio and some people don’t. If you are among the latter, then this program is a great choice since cardio is optional.

It should be emphasized that cardio alone will most likely never give you the toned muscles you are looking for.

  • Moderate calorie deficit to burn fat while building muscle

Gaining or losing weight is a matter of energy balance in your body. For losing weight you need a calorie deficit.

But going too extreme will make your life miserable and it is not sustainable. Additionally, with an extreme deficit, you could lose muscle mass.

  • Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is not a requirement, but definitely recommended in the program. It has a number of benefits to fat loss, and it will make it more enjoyable to be in a calorie deficit.

Many people find it more enjoyable to eat fewer but larger meals. The program recommends you eat two big meals and one snack.

You can read more about intermittent fasting for weight loss on my website here.

I can also highly recommend this lengthy guide on intermittent fasting on

Kinobody Goddess Toning Program Pros and Cons


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Very detailed program yet explained in layman terms.
  • Video tutorials of workouts.
  • Great bonus materials.
  • The program does what it says. It promises great and fast results and delivers!
  • Many great testimonials.
  • Easy access and navigation to program materials.
  • Spend only 3 hours per week.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Intermittent fasting is emphasized. This is a downside if you rather not do fasting.
  • Designed “cardio-light”. Could be an issue if you do sports or like cardio.
  • Not a good choice if you don’t like weight training.

Goddess Toning Results – Before And After

A lot of women have followed this program with great results.

Here are some cool before and after photos I found on Greg’s Instagram.

A post shared by Kinobody (@gregogallagher) on

A post shared by Kinobody (@gregogallagher) on

You can also take a look at this youtube video by Izabelle martins. She talks about her experience with the program and the results she has had.

The video is a bit long, but she has a lot of great points.

My Personal Opinion

As mentioned in the beginning, I am a guy.

While I have bought the program with the purpose of coaching my wife, I have not used it myself.

However, both my sister and wife have used the program and they have both seen great results! Also, so many other women have had great results.

I think the main reason why the program is so popular is because it teaches a simple way for women to attain a beautiful body.

Intermittent fasting is not a requirement but it will make it easier. Some people find it hard to implement intermittent fasting in the beginning but learn to like it after some time.

My sister felt it was a little hard in the beginning, while my wife had absolutely no problem.

By using heavy weight training and a smart nutrition protocol, it is possible to rapidly transform your body.

This kind of result would not be possible with cardio alone. The truth is that cardio is great for faster fat loss and it will make you slim, but it will not necessarily give you that feminine hourglass figure.

For that, most women need to build up some muscle mass and weight training is a very effective way to do that.

Afraid Of Becoming Big And Bulky From Weight Training?

You have probably heard various opinions on this topic.

Some say it is complete nonsense, and that women won’t become big and bulky unless they take steroids or maybe do hardcore training for 10 years.

Other say that it is absolutely true. They say women should stick to cardio in order to not get bulky muscles.

Like in most of these situations with strong opposite opinions, there is some truth to both sides.

Obviously, it all depends on preferences, but I can easily understand why some women would like to avoid getting too big legs or a wide back.

But I also think that men can become too big and bulky from weight training.

I have seen myself how my wife responded surprisingly well to heavy back squats and after 4-5 months she became concerned about getting large legs.

Before you start worrying, I should say that this kind of squats (back squats) are not recommended in the program for this reason.

But if you are still concerned, know that even if you get a similar issue, there are strategies included in the program on how you can still become more “toned” without adding muscle size.

Additionally, if you really find that one body part is becoming bigger than you like, there are strategies to lose muscle on purpose.


The fact that Greg mostly has made programs for men doesn’t make the Goddess Toning program any less valuable.

Given the results I have seen myself and the results other people have had, I can highly recommend all of his programs.

The goddess toning program teaches how to build toned and feminine looking muscles. To have the sexy hourglass figure as most Hollywood actresses have.

But the program is not only about how to make you look good, but how to live a healthy but flexible lifestyle, where you can enjoy life and eat the foods you want.

It teaches you how to not be a slave to the gym, and accept how you look now and just enjoy the process of progressing towards your goal.

By using intermittent fasting it is easier to eat less. Including all macronutrients in your diet should eliminate many cravings and enable you to be flexible in your choice of food.

I can highly recommend the Goddess Toning Program and I am very confident it can help you out build an amazingly beautiful feminine physique.

And just to show you that I did truly change my own body with the Kinobody programs, here is a before and after photo of myself.

my kinobody transformation

This is me before and after following Kinobody programs.

Here Is How To Save 20 USD Using The Kinobody Survey

If you are convinced that the program is for you, then remember to follow the steps below to save some money.

On the official Kkinobody website there is a special survey you can take.

The survey will contain a few questions that are designed to provide you with the program that best fits you.

After completing the survey, your “reward” is a 20 $ discount.

Follow this link to go to the survey (new browser tab).

  1. Select female
  2. Chose any age
  3. Click “I have a slim body type (…)”

YAY! you just saved 20 bucks 🙂


Q: Goddess toning program vs Kinobooty program?

A: The goddess toning program focuses on burning fat while building some muscle creating a slim, muscle-toned feminine body. The kinobooty program, on the other hand, focuses on building muscle in key areas especially the lower body and butt. You can use either one, but if you have more than just ” a little bit” of fat to lose, then the goddess toning program is probably the best choice.

Q: Can you send me the goddess toning program pdf for free, please?

A: Greg put in a ton of hard work and teamed up with female models to create this workout and nutrition program. There is a lot of trial and error behind all this knowledge in the program, and it has been simplified so it is super simple for you to do.

Please consider supporting that work and if the price is too high there are many other free programs out there.

You can check out this post I wrote on weight training workouts for women.

I can also recommend you browse around It is a great fitness and weight training resource for women

Q: Where can I find more goddess toning program before and after photos?

A: Visit the product page on the official site or you can go to Greg’s Instagram profile which is also where I found the before and after photos above.

goddess toning program vs kinobootygoddess toning program vs kinobootySaveSave


About the author: My name is Marcus, I am a lawyer (LL.M.) and the founder of this website. Besides sometimes doing lawyer stuff, I like to write about fitness and health and share what I have found “works” for people like YOU. If you want to know more about me and my vision for this website then you can click here.

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  • Paul Dec 8, 2017 @ 11:59

    Hi Marcus,
    The body of a goddess eh..not for me although as you mentioned it’s for the ladies. I’m a ‘no days off man’ with my workouts nutrition and personal development. Try as I might I just can’t get my girl to commit to an exercise program. I’m going to intro her to this program, it might just be the one to tip the scales and make a decision to commit.
    Let you know how we go, mate

    • Marcus Dec 9, 2017 @ 2:37

      Hey Paul

      Workouts, nutrition, and personal development. That sounds great to me haha!

      Some people are just harder to convince going to the gym than others. One of my friends always liked to talk about working out and eating right but never really seemed willing to do the actual work.

      I think your girl will like this program. There is a lot of good and valuable information in it. 

      Looking forward to hearing from you how it went.



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