Jigsaw Massager Review

If you have any kind of muscle pain, soreness, or work out a lot or do other physical activity, you may have considered getting some kind of electronic massager in the past.

Percussion massagers, in general, have always been a good option, and are newer on the market than more traditional massage devices, but they also tend to be rather expensive.

Jigsaw massagers, on the other hand, are literally adaptors/add-ons for a jigsaw that turn it into a massager. It’s hard to imagine a jigsaw working its way into your back to get rid of aches and pains, but it’s possible for it to work. You will also save quite a bit of money if it works for you.

The question is, then, how effective are they? How good are jigsaw massagers?

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How Jigsaw Massagers Work

In many ways, jigsaw massagers are very similar to (and are cheaper versions of) percussion massagers, with a few added-on caveats.

If you are in a hurry, check out this popular jigsaw massage adaptor from Mobility Bit. It attaches to a jigsaw and works almost the exact same way that a percussion massager does–a treatment of rapid, deep-tissue blows that aims to work at all the deep pains and knots in your muscles.

The metal part attaches to the jigsaw and replaces the blade. The rubber bits, all of them, are different attachable heads that can provide a different experience, hitting different spots with different intensities. Overall, the reviews suggest that this kit, in particular, is both popular and works well.

The best part for a lot of people is the price point because it’s a lot cheaper than most percussion massagers.

The rapid-fire massage and heavy force from the power tool can work wonders on harder muscle tensions that give a lot of people pain and trouble. If you already have a decent jigsaw, then it’s simply an addon for a tool that you already use, that costs far less than some of the more worthwhile percussion massagers that cost hundreds of dollars–and it does nearly the exact same thing that they do.

See the Mobility Bit jigsaw massager in action in the video below.

FYI: I did a specific post comparing the jigsaw massager with the Theragun, which is a very popular and expensive percussion massager.

Jigsaw Vs Percussion Massagers

Of course, for any healthy skeptic, the immediate follow-up question is, ‘Are they really good at massages, though? As good as percussion massagers?’

This is definitely an important point, and something worth investigating, so I will look into this a little bit more.

The first thing to consider is while jigsaw massager attachments are decently cheap as a massage alternative, and even cheaper if you already own a jigsaw, they don’t always come with as much variety and different ‘modes’ like actual percussion massagers do.

Another important point is that depending on the jigsaw you have, the power and force and speed may be weaker. Remember, it is just an attachment: the actual quality of how it works will depend on the base tool and nothing else.

There are a lot of different attachments as well, and you will have to pick the right one to work with your jigsaw if you want a quality experience.

Which Attachment Set to Pick?

While I have already shown the Mobility Bit, that is of course not the only option that is available. There are several other great options. Some of them have more or less changes to the original attachment, and some are at varying price points.

Looking at the Mobility Bit to start with, what does it offer? At a rather cheap price point, it has no less than five different massage heads that you can change out whenever you wish. It has a one-year warranty and works well with a lot of different popular jigsaw brands, including Worx, Black + Decker, Ryobi and more. It has known compatibility issues with Dewalt 20v XR and HyperTough, however.

So–it works well with a lot of jigsaw brands, but not every single one, has a warranty and has some variety. What about some of the other sets?

This GeToo Jigsaw Massage Adaptor set is a good deal cheaper than the Mobility bit. It has decent compatibility with most jigsaw brands, and comes with four changeable bits.

Some of the downsides? It is not as well-received as the Mobility bit and there are some known compatibility issues that are noted in the product description: namely, their installing addon blade doesn’t quite fit some jigsaws well, and they have been forced to remedy this by offering free thinner blades to be shipped to customers.

There’s also the CELYND set, which comes with two different bits and no less than six different attachment heads at a very affordable price.

Some customers complain about the bits breaking rather easily, and they’ve also been known to be loose and pop out during massages, so there is that to take into consideration.

All of these sets have their good points and bad ones. There is another issue, though: what Jigsaw should you get if you don’t already own one?

Different Potential Jigsaws

If you don’t already own a jigsaw, that makes the idea of a jigsaw massager a little bit more expensive. You have to buy the base tool in addition to the addon.

So, what are some good options?

Power tools have been around for a while and there’s a ton of different ones, but two, in particular, stand out for this purpose.

The first is this Black + Decker jigsaw. It has good specifications: it’s lightweight at 5.5 lbs, has a max of 2500 strokes per minute, and uses a common battery type, meaning you can share the battery with other power tools or use their batteries on it if you have a 20v lithium ion battery.

It is also specifically recommended as a jigsaw option for jigsaw massaging.

This Worx jigsaw is another potential option. It has comparable specs to the Black + Decker jigsaw, but it’s of a different brand and so may work better with other kinds of attachments/addons you purchase for it.

It’s also a bit more expensive if you want a charger to come with the battery–which you need if you don’t already have one. This is also specifically recommended as a good jigsaw for jigsaw massaging.


Overall, Jigsaw massaging is a good, cheap way to get into percussion massaging, and it’s definitely a viable alternative to the more pricier percussion massagers.

There are a lot of possible attachments and combinations, and it’s especially cheap if you already have a jigsaw.

On the other hand, there can be compatibility and battery issues, and some of the cheaper attachments brands can have difficulties with having sufficient physical strength to not break from the jigsaw’s power.

If you’re looking to save some money, and you steer clear from the compatibility issues as mentioned here it can be a great, cheap way to get the kind of massage that you need, at a fraction of the price, while still preserving the power, speed, and the quality of the massage.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through a link on this page and make a purchase. Read more here.

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