Intelliskin Review: The Good-Posture Clothing Line

Does your posture suck?

Posture is a thing that affects the lives of many people without them even knowing it.

Whether you work indoors or out, posture can affect the health of your back and your neck, how hard you strain yourself, and just the general health of your body in a negative way if done incorrectly.

Many people have trouble correcting their posture on their own.

Innovation struck, as it so often does, and products like Intelliskin (and its competitors) were born: clothing specifically designed to help correct the wearer into a healthier posture.

So if you want to improve your posture, the clothing and in particular the shirts from Intelliskin might be a good option.

But how well do these shirts from Intelliskin work, and are they worth the price? That is what I am going to help you determine that in this review 🙂

man with poor posture

Rounded shoulders and forward head posture are two common posture issues that Intelliskin can help alleviate.

How Well Do The Clothing From Intelliskin Work?

The Intelliskin clothing line uses special technology to help correct posture for the wearer of the clothing.

The background of clothing is interesting: based on a taping technique from a doctor who treated injuries in athletes.

Dr. Tim Brown–the founder and inventor of Intelliskin–discovered that the demand for his taping was so great that he couldn’t be there to do it all the time, so he invented the clothing as a way to help everyone improve their posture and exercise and perform without fatigue or injury.

It helps you naturally redirect your posture so that you’ll stand, sit, and move in the right ways without hurting yourself or tiring yourself out with improper posture.

Plenty of professional athletes and exercise enthusiasts speak tons about how much the clothing helps them with their daily routine.

There are even studies that talk about how much people enjoy posture correcting clothing, and how much people feel like they help.

According to these people, the clothing works well and helps them out every day. Of course, it wouldn’t just benefit these people. It would also help regular people who have back or neck problems correct their posture while working, sitting, or simply even just relaxing.

Check out this short video by the founder of Intelliskin.

Are They Worth The Price?

Most of the clothing in the Intelliskin line retails for a much higher price than other clothing.

We are talking significantly more than your average sports clothing…

For some people (incl. me), this price range alone could be a deal-breaker, and not even necessarily because they don’t have the money. But simply because they would never pay that much for one piece of clothing.

However, you are not supposed to buy this for the sake of adding to your wardrobe. You buy it because you want to take care of your body or prevent making an existing problem worse.

In other words, the spending should be attributed to your “health budget” and not your “clothing budget”.

Many people would be willing to pay a lot of money to reduce or prevent pain. The amount of people suffering from some kind of posture problem is a lot more than you might think, which might help explain why Intelliskin has become so popular.

Actually, some experts go as far as saying that a majority of people will suffer from some kind of back or neck pain in their lifetime. Intelliskin helps to correct that kind of thing.

How do They Stand Up to Competitors?

There are different posture correction products on the market.

Some of them are like jackets or back braces (as seen here) and others are more high tech, but when it comes to apparel and clothing, there is only one real main competitor to Intelliskin.

That main competitor is Alignmed, a very similar brand that has been around since 2001. It was designed by a man who had back pain.

Despite Intelliskin debuting a bit later onto the scene, it made a splash and managed to maintain its own niche and popularity, even though there was already another brand there before it was.

There are a few minor differences here and there between Intelliskin and Alignmed, and I’ll go over them briefly, but not for too long.

The truth is, the brands are more alike than they are different. The prices are similar–but usually, the Alignmed products are a bit cheaper.

The technologies and the way they work are similar, so you will not find too much of a difference there either. Alignmed is more based on tension panels, while Intelliskin is based more on taping, as mentioned before.

Intelliskin has a good stand with its competitors. Despite being slightly more expensive on average, it has a great product and manages to compete with the other large company in its niche without failing, so it’s certainly doing something right.

Overall Thoughts and Conclusions

Intelliskin is a very interesting product that serves a great purpose since it can help a lot of people. It’s not only a rather fashionable line of clothing, but it also has a great medical benefit that a lot of people can take advantage of.

It’s not just a piece of clothing: it’s an investment in your health, and that’s what makes it a great product. That’s what makes it more than just a fancy shirt that makes money for its creator.

It works well, the price is acceptable for what it offers, and it stands up well to its competitors. It’s a fine product worth your attention, and your purchase if you decide that.

If you’re having posture problems, neck pain, or back pain, looking into the Intelliskin clothing line is a good idea.

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