Hypervolt Vs TimTam – This Will Help You Decide

Need help choosing a massage gun?

If you are looking for a comparative review of the two massage guns Hypervolt and Timtam, then you have landed on the right page.

In this review, I will be taking a close look at the Hypervolt Plus and the TimTam Pro which are two of the best massagers available in the market.

I checked out their specs such as battery life, massage power, RPMs, accessories incl., noise level and pricing and compared them so you can make a well-informed decision should you choose to buy one of them or not.

Comparison Table

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Name (Pricing) Pros Cons
Hypervolt Plus ($$$)
  • Very quiet
  • 2.5 hours of battery life
  • Shorter strokes
  • Fixed angle of massage
TimTam Pro ($$$)
  • Very powerful
  • Versatile & lightweight
  • 1-hour battery life

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus

The Hypervolt Plus is the “pro version” of the massage guns from Hyperice. It includes all the same features as the normal version while being equipped with a 30 % more powerful motor that is not noisier.

This means you can make even quicker work of your sore muscles, and it is still a portable and lightweight device that you can use anywhere.

Key features:

  • Three speed settings: 2000, 2600, and 3200 RPM
  • 2.5 hours of battery life per charge
  • Noise Limiting “Quiet Glide technology”
  • 5 interchangeable massage tips
  • 0.5″ / 13mm stroke length


On a full charge, the device will last up to 2.5 hours of continuous use. In practical terms, this means you won’t even have to charge it on a weekly basis. Of course, it depends on how frequently you use it and if you are sharing it with others.

Quiet Glide Technology

The noise limiting technology behind the quiet operation of the Hypervolt is a proprietary technology of Hyperice which they trademarked under the name “Quiet Glide”.

Depending on the speed level, the noise will be around 50 – 65 dB with normal background noise.

This means you can use the Hypervolt without fear of disturbing colleagues at the office or you can watch TV at home while massaging yourself without an issue.

You can check out this promo video to get a feeling of the noise level.


The Hypervolt Plus weighs 3 lbs / 1.4 kg and comes in a sleek and ergonomic design. It is not a problem to use in one hand.

It is equipped with LED lights that will light up according to a pressure sensor in the massager. This will give you real-time feedback on how much pressure is being applied.

Massage power

With a powerful 2000, 2600 or 3200 strokes per minute and a stroke length of 0.5″ / 13 mm, you can get a great massage with varying intensity. According to some sources, the stall force is around 60 lbs / 27 kg, which means that massager will slow down drastically or even stop at that amount of pressure.


The Hypervolt comes with 5 head attachments and a rechargeable battery. A carrying case can be purchased separately.


The Hyperice Hypervolt Plus is in the higher end of the price range for percussion massagers and not everyone will get enough value out of the massager to justify spending that amount of money.

It does normally come slightly cheaper than the TimTam Power Massager Pro.

TimTam Power Massager Pro

The TimTam Pro has been called the most advanced percussion massager on the market, and it is for a good reason. It is featherweight compared to other massagers while packing a serious amount of power.

It got built-in heat function, so you can combine your massage with heat therapy to either warm-up or boost recovery.

Timtam Power Massager Pro

This is the Timtam Power Massager Pro.

Noteworthy specs of Timtam Power Massager:

  • Three speed settings: 1000, 2000, 2800 RPM and 4 massage programs
  • 1-hour battery power
  • Heated massage head/tip. Goes up to 99.5°F / 37.8 °C.
  • LED Screen display and GPS tracking
  • 3 Massage Tips. 175 degrees rotation of massage arm.
  • 1.2″ / 30mm stroke length


The TimTam Pro battery will run for an hour on each charge. Which means you will have to charge it at least once a week.

An hour of battery is decent, however, taking into consideration the weight of the machine it is actually very impressive.

Noise Level

The machine is very quiet on the low setting but ramps up in noise as the speed increases.  If you take the normal background noise into consideration, you will get something like 50 – 75 dB depending on the speed setting.

Get a feeling yourself of how quiet the TimTam Pro is in this video with the famous MMA coach Firas Zahabi.


The massager is an engineering feat. It only weighs 2lbs / 0.9 kg and has a lot of massager power and decent battery life. Its massage arm can be rotated 175 degrees which makes it a lot easier to hit various sore spots by yourself.

It has built-in heat function and can be warmed up 99.5°F / 37.8 °C, which should be the ideal muscle temperature. It also got an LED screen display that shows the current heat setting via a temperature sensor.

Finally, it also has GPS tracking.

Massage power

The TimTam has three speed settings of 1000, 2000, 2800 RPM. Its stroke length is 1.2″ / 30 mm stroke length and it has a stall force of 75 lbs / 34 kg

This means you get some serious percussions from this machine and you won’t find any other machine with this amount of power.


Included in the purchase comes an international charger, rechargeable battery, 3 massage tips, and a premium travel bag. A cold massage therapy tip can be purchased separately.


The Timtam Pro is at the higher end of the market price, but it also an advanced piece of equipment. It is best in class on multiple features.


The pricing of the two massagers is really not far apart, so I would suggest looking at the features only.

Both have similar speed settings, however, the TimTam strokes have a double-length and a higher stall force. In practical terms, this means that the TimTam will be able to penetrate deeper and easier into thick muscle tissue like your thighs.

The Hypervolt comes with more massage tips and longer battery life. On the other hand, the TimTam massage arm can be rotated 175 degrees and has built-in heating. It is also a whole pound (0.45 kg) lighter, which makes a big difference when you are holding the machine in awkward angles to massage yourself.

The Hypevolt might come with proprietary noise limiting technology and a trademark and it really is among the quietest in the market.

Hypervolt Plus TimTam Pro
Versatility 5 massage tips
2.5 hours battery
175° rotation, 3 massage tips,  1-hour battery, heating, 4 programs
RPM 2000, 2600 or 3200  1000, 2000, 2800
Stroke 0.5″ / 13 mm 1.2″ / 30 mm
Stall force 60 lbs / 27 kg 75 lbs / 34 kg
Sound (dB) 50 – 65 dB. 50 – 75 dB


Overall, the TimTam Pro offers more than the Hypervolt Plus. It is more powerful and lightweight, has built-in heating, rotating massage arm, and GPS tracking. However, if you want more massage tips, you do have to purchase them separately.

In my opinion, TimTam is your best option. Only if battery life and noise are the main concern would I suggest the Hypervolt. But keep in mind that additional batteries can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Why Get A Massage Gun At All?

In case you are wondering or need some justification, here is a small rant on why you should get a massage gun.

In this modern-day and age, we are all looking for convenience and speed. It is the main driving force behind many innovations that are happening at breakneck speed.

Old time-consuming traditions and processes in the past are updated or reimagined to fit our high productivity and performance lifestyles.

The increasingly popular percussion massage guns are just that. Visiting a masseuse might feel great. However, going there on a regular basis is a huge time sink and will cost you a lot of money!

With a handheld massage device, you can enjoy the benefits of a massage wherever and whenever you want. Also, due to their electric motor they can make much quicker work of you sore muscles than even a veteran masseuse.

You might need to relax your sore muscles before going to bed or between workouts at the gym, and one of these devices will come in handy.

The concept of the massage gun is straightforward, it manipulates soft body tissue by using percussions at high speed. If you are a tech nerd like me, there is also something interesting about using high-tech recovery tools when you are looking to optimize your recovery, e.g.:

  • reduce muscle soreness,
  • minimize lactic acid build-up,
  • reduce pain in the shoulders and lower back areas
  • feeling more energetic about going back to the gym and train hard

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through a link on this page and make a purchase. Read more here.

About the author: My name is Marcus, I am a lawyer (LL.M.) and the founder of this website. Besides sometimes doing lawyer stuff, I like to write about fitness and health and share what I have found “works” for people like YOU. If you want to know more about me and my vision for this website then you can click here.

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