How Much Does a Full Body Massage Cost?

Massages are a great way to deal with different kinds of pain in the body, most commonly muscular pain.

They are effective in a wide range of ways: from reducing pain to eliminating stress, they can be helpful in more ways than one.

If you have been curious about getting a massage, but aren’t sure about the costs or want to research it more before you simply take the closest available service as your first choice, this article is for you.

I will be exploring the costs, what makes them increase (or decrease!) and what you can expect to pay as a customer for a full body massage.

Standard Rates, for Starters

According to many different sources, it’s not uncommon for a professional massage therapist to cost around $1 a minute to a bit more…

This is where you get rates in many different places to be about $60-$75 for an hour-long full-body massage. There are a few different ways that this price can be affected.

The first, and main one, is experience. A massage-therapist-in-training can cost as little as $40 for an entire hour, whereas someone with a decade of experience doing the same thing can go up to something as high as $150, for the same full-body one hour massage. So clearly, the price range can vary and differ a little bit.

Another way it can be different is if you wanted something else other than a normal full-body massage. A couples’ full-body massage, for example, is about double the average price–so, $140, to just about double the original $75.

Most commonly, the range you will find most massage sessions to be advertised at is about $60-$110 dollars. Most don’t go too far above or below that. There are, however, other variables that can affect the price.

Location, Duration, & More

These next points should seem far more familiar to most readers, as these kinds of things apply to many other industries outside of health and fitness.

Your location is very important: if you live rurally, in a small town or near a small city, you might experience cheaper prices or noticeably lower rates.

On the other hand, living in large cities would create the opposite effects: raised prices.

Duration can of course affect the price of the massage as well. The longer it goes, after all, the more it’s going to cost. These therapists–and the business!–get paid by the hour, so if you book a two-hour massage instead of a one-hour one, you can expect that it will cost more.

However, many businesses offer discounts for extended bookings, so that should be considered as well.

Then there are different companies, chains, and resorts that you can visit that all offer different prices and experiences. These vary so much that it’s honestly hard to cover them all, but what most customers won’t be surprised at is that prices generally go up, not down, for some of the higher end chains.

The more “normal massage therapy businesses” offer competitive pricing similar to the rates mentioned above.

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Travel Costs, Add-ons, and Other Fees

If you are someone who lives at home and can’t travel, then the massage therapist will have to come to you. Whether it’s because of medical reasons or age, the time it takes for the massage therapist to get to you has to be compensated.

The fee is usually modest, somewhere in the realm of $30-$50 extra on top of what you’d usually be paying for whatever package it was that you ordered.

Then there are add-ons, and more specific things mixed into the massage that can differ it or enhance it in some way. These are different twists to the massage, usually, like the addition of heated stones, different kinds of oil, chair massage, aromatherapy, or more. These, of course, add fees or flat rates that get tacked onto whatever package you’re already purchasing.

If you like the idea of getting a massage at home then investing some money into a percussion massager might be a good solution for you. These are electronic massage devices that are battery-driven and handheld. You can read more about them here.

Does Insurance Cover it? Other Discounts, Too

Many people would be surprised by this subheader, but for some people, yes, their insurance actually does cover massages, or some aspects of massages, under their paid plan.

However, not every plan covers massage, and not every plan that covers it covers certain exact packages. If it is covered under insurance, make sure you have all the paperwork you need so that it’s properly covered and accepted by your insurance.

Are other discounts or price reductions possible? The easiest way to get an overall discount is to book a bigger package, which is counterproductive if you’re trying to save money.

But, if you’re trying to get the best deal possible overall, getting a discount on a larger package might help you save more overall money for a great experience.

Ultimately, when it comes to discounts, you should search around at different massage parlors and sources of massage therapy to get the best rate possible.

Overall Thoughts

When it comes to getting a full-body massage, the price can differ greatly on plenty of different variables. The standard fee for an hour-long full body massage ranges from $60-$110, and changes depending on the chain or resort you’re looking to visit.

Additional charges and fees can be tacked on depending on what specifics you’re looking for. You should be aware of all of these things when looking to experience a full body massage.

Be sure to check your insurance as well, to see whether or not it will cover it. It could result in either complete coverage or a partial paying of the bill from your insurance.

Finally, be aware of travel costs if you’re requesting an in-home massage–and further still, feel free to shop around and try to find the best possible deal local to you. As with any service, there is competition, and that works for you as the consumer if you know how to use the system.

No matter what, enjoy your massage!

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