Elliptical bikes – 5 Reasons Why You Need One In Your Home Gym

How many times has something come up and prevented you from adhering strictly to your regular gym schedule?

Skipping a day or two is forgivable, but when it happens too often, it becomes a habit.

Most people don’t realize this, but a lot of training programs can be done at home with the right equipment. 

The money you save from not having a gym membership can be funneled into building a home gym.

Having a home gym is one of the nicer things you can do for yourself and for your family.

woman on a elliptical bike

The Perks of Having a Home Gym

A home gym eliminates half of the inconveniences of a commercial gym. More time and effort can be directed to your workout than preparing, going, and finding a place at the gym.

You can head to your home gym at any time of the day and even have spontaneous gym sessions. 

Building a home gym is easier than most people think. You can start by researching the best equipment and machines you can buy to get you started at home.

Some basic gym equipment is scalable and can be used to start a beginner workout.

Elliptical Bikes: One of the Best Pieces of Home Gym Equipment

A home gym usually consists of the following: a set of dumbbells, a pull-up bar, a bench, and an exercise mat. Most people find it difficult to have a good cardio workout at home.

Of course, adding a jump rope to your workout would have many benefits, but such an intense cardio workout can place a lot of stress on your joints and lower body. This can be an issue for older people or people with health concerns.

Some also ask if there’s a workout or gym equipment that can target several muscle groups in one session. The answer is yes, there is!

There are many varieties of elliptical bikes as well variations of them, and I have reviewed one of the more popular choices Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner on my website.

A great piece of equipment to consider adding to your home gym is an elliptical bike or similar piece of cardio equipment. You only need a flat, dry, and ample space with a nearby electrical power outlet to run an elliptical bike.

There’s no need for fancy contraptions to install on your walls or your ceiling. Here are five more reasons why you should get one: 

1. Appropriate for All Ages and Health Concerns 

The elliptical bike is not a discriminative machine; it can even accommodate people with certain health concerns.

There are people who aren’t advised to do very intense cardio workout due to the stress it will put on a past injury, on their joints, or on cardio-respiratory health.

An elliptical bike is the least intimidating machine to use because you just get on it and work at your own pace.

There’s no overthinking involved in using this gym machine, and proper form is immediately achieved due to the natural movements you make while on it.

Even younger and healthy people love the elliptical bike because they have more energy left after using it for 15 to 30 minutes.

man stretching
Elliptical bikes are suitable for people of all ages.

2. Low Intensity and Burns More Calories

The elliptical bike is ahead of the stationary bike and the treadmill when it comes to burning calories and working out muscle groups under the least amount of time.

It also works both the upper body and lower body simultaneously, without putting too much stress or pressure on the joints and the back. 

Your feet are firmly planted on the pedals, the handles allow you to stay on balance, weight is distributed evenly, and you can choose to be seated or be on walking stance.

It’s unlike the treadmill where your balance is often interchanging between two feet while being conscious of your center of gravity. Nor is it like a stationary bike that will only work out your lower body for the same amount of time.

3. Scalable workout

With an elliptical bike, you can increase or decrease the intensity and duration of your workout without having to buy additional equipment.

Increasing workout intensity is important to avoid a plateau on the benefits. Decreasing the intensity is also important for days when you’re not physically up for a heavy workout.

There are also outdoor elliptical bikes, I have reviewed two great choices the StreetStider and ElliptiGo on my website. These allow you to enjoy the outdoors while getting a low impact workout at your desired intensity.

4. Less Distracting than Most Machines

Since the movement you make on the elliptical machine is gliding and moving your arms along with the handles, there isn’t much noise produced. You can be free to work out during the wee hours of the morning or very late at night.

Some people prefer to have their elliptical bike near their entertainment center such as the TV or stereo system.

The elliptical bike doesn’t produce any loud mechanical sounds or electrical whirring and stirring. You can be free to work out while also catching some tunes or your favorite show.

5. Within Range of Various Budgets

Budget is often a factor when accomplishing goals such as buying a new piece of gym equipment.

With the help of the internet, you can quickly do a search on the different features available on an elliptical machine. Check which features are essential to you in favor of your budget.

Some elliptical bikes come with a digital counter and preprogrammed sessions. Some come with other contraptions so that you can combine different types of workouts or add more intensity to your training.

There are basic elliptical bikes that can be folded and kept under other furniture or in the closet. Whatever your choice is, don’t forget to choose one from a reputable brand and distributor so that it will last you a long time. 

Final Thoughts

If there are sports stores that will allow you to try out their machines, you are encouraged to do so! You’ll quickly find out how easy it is to use while trying to find the model you’re most comfortable with.

If you currently have a gym membership, you can even try asking gym trainers or other gym goers about their recommended elliptical machine workouts.

An elliptical bike is a long-term investment on you and your family’s health. Having one at home will encourage you to start getting fit right away. You no longer have to wait for strangers to finish; just hop on and burn calories while working on getting lean. 

With a firm mindset on what you want to achieve, a healthy diet, and an elliptical bike at home can help you become healthier now and in the future!  

Kevin Lee is the founder of ShapeJunkie.com. Health and fitness have always been a passion for him; whether it’s being in the weight room, going for a run before work or even participating in a half iron man triathlon. ShapeJunkie was created to share knowledge and the love of fitness with others. You can follow ShapeJunkie on Pinterest as well.

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