The Eat Stop Eat Diet Plan – Review of the Book “Eat Stop Eat” By Brad Pilon

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What Is Eat Stop Eat?

“Eat Stop Eat” is the title of a book or eBook (pdf download) by the human nutrition expert Brad Pilon.

The book teaches how you can make weight loss simple and easy by implementing intermittent fasting, and it also educates on all the great health benefits of intermittent fasting.

This book is unique and unlike any other “diet book” that you come across…

Because it is not a diet about what you can eat or cannot eat. It doesn’t demonize any type of food or try to sell you any expensive supplement or strange “meal replacement”.

It teaches a simple strategy for you to eat less.

That is essentially what weight loss is all about, even though most people don’t want to face it.

In more technical terms it teaches you an intermittent fasting schedule also known as 5-2 intermittent fasting, where you do a 24-hour intermittent fasting twice a week.

The book is arguably what popularized intermittent fasting or at least was a big contributing factor.

It was the first resource I personally came across about intermittent fasting.

The eat stop eat “diet plan” or you can call it philosophy or protocol has helped 1000s of people realize their weight loss goals in a much easier and simpler way than other weight loss diets.

So, if you have tried out different weight loss methods and failed, or if you are tired of following very tough diet rules that kill your mood and make you feel miserable, then you should consider giving the book Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon a shot!

I have written this book review to help you out to decide if you should get the book or not.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

First of all, Intermittent fasting is not really a diet.

Technically it should rather be called an eating schedule or pattern. Intermittent fasting cycles between periods of fasting and periods of eating.

Unlike other diets or diet fads with strange or arbitrary rules, that are marketed with exaggerated effects or downright lies, intermittent fasting is more like a lifestyle.

In that respect, intermittent fasting completely separates itself from other weight loss diets and also doesn’t have the same pitfalls.

With my own words, I would describe intermittent fasting as a smart way or strategy to manage your calorie intake whilst gaining some great additional health benefits. You could call intermittent fasting a lifehack.

Check out this short video by Brad himself explaining fasting very simple.

Who Is Brad Pilon (The Author of Eat Stop Eat)

picture of Brad Pilon - author of Eat Stop EatBrad Pilon is a Canadian and since he was a small boy he was fascinated by fitness and nutrition.

After getting a degree in applied human nutrition he got a job with a supplement company. He rose to become an R&D manager and at that time the supplement company had become one of the leading in the world. He met with top bodybuilders and industry leaders around the world.

However, he quit the job to go back to studying, and after swallowing some pride he realized that a lot of the things that were thought to be true about nutrition and muscle building were not true at all.

The eat stop eat “philosophy” or way of eating is the result of Brad’s graduate research he did at the University of Guelph, in Guelph Ontario, Canada after quitting that position.

How Does Eat Stop Eat Work?

Eat Stop Eat is as I mentioned the title of the book. But it has also become synonymous with the intermittent fasting schedule it teaches.

The book educates the reader very well on intermittent fasting and its many health benefits.

It teaches in-depth how to implement the 24-hour intermittent fasting schedule that it recommends doing once or twice a week.
Doing an 24-hour fasting twice a week is also why it is known as the 5-2 intermittent fasting. Because you eat normally 5 days a week and fast 2 days a week.

Obviously, you will be losing weight faster if you do it twice a week.

Explained simply in 3 steps:

24-hour Intermittent Fasting Twice a Week:

  1. You fast for a duration of 24 hours
  2. You eat normally for about 2 days (48 hours)
  3. Rinse and repeat

24-hour intermittent Fasting Once a Week:

  1. You fast for a duration of 24 hours
  2. You eat normally for about 6 days (144 hours)
  3. Rinse and repeat
intermittent fasting

You don’t actually go through a “whole day” or calendar day without eating. You simply fast for 24 hours after finishing your meal.

So, how that could look like is after finishing dinner you don’t eat anything before dinner the next day around the same time.

It doesn’t have to be exact with the time, but you should try to be as close as possible while still being flexible and convenient. Also, it doesn’t have to be dinner. It could be after a meal at any given time of the day.

Why Does it Work?

There are many ways to achieve weight loss. That is obvious when you look how many different diets and solutions that are marketed in the weight loss industry.

However, whatever method or product that is used, there is only one cause for weight loss! …

That cause is a deficit in the energy balance of your body. As most people like to use the term calories for the energy contents of the food we eat, we can call it a calorie deficit.

Although your body is a very complex organism it still obeys the universal rules of physics.

When you go into the details it, of course, becomes more complicated than just “calories in and calories out”. However, that calories shouldn’t matter, that it is only about the types of food you eat, your genetics, hormones or toxins in the body is a big fat lie!

So the way eat stop eat works is by conveniently producing a calorie deficit for you. By fasting for 24 hours you eat less food and get a calorie deficit.

That is it…

That also means if you keep overeating when you should be eating “normally”, you might reduce your rate of weight loss or completely eliminate it.

But Won’t I Destroy My Metabolism and Lose All My Muscle?

The argument about slowed down metabolism and fear of muscle loss is an old one. And although there is a mountain of evidence proving it wrong a few people still hold onto it.

This argument is likely related to the false conclusion that eating many smaller meals “ramps up the metabolism”. Eating food does increase your metabolism, but it increases in proportion to the size of the meal. So if you are eating the same food in 1 meal or in 6 meals there is no difference.

Real decreases in your metabolism don’t occur until you have fasted for several days. Which by the way is not as significant as some people say.

Additionally, fasting results in huge an increase in growth hormone that will balance out the effect of any possible muscle breakdown.

With All this being said, there is more to eat stop eat than just a calorie deficit…

To understand why eat stop eat works so well, you have to understand how restraining your eating affects you.

Eat stop eat is an easy and more enjoyable way to be in a calorie deficit because you are less conscious about restricting your calories.

You are restricting the time that you are eating within, and by doing that you just naturally end up eating less.

In a nutshell, instead of feeling hungry and thinking about what you can or can’t eat, for certain time you don’t eat or think about eating at all. Additionally, your hunger is only for a limited time rather than all the time.

When it is finally time for you to eat, you can eat normally without restraining yourself. This feels much more satisfying than having to restrict yourself all the time.

An Optimal Fat-Burning State

Your body has two sources of fuel it can burn as energy. It can either burn 1) glucose (carbs) or 2) ketones (fat) as a source of energy

Your insulin levels affect your body’s preferred source of energy.

Put very simply, with high insulin your body wants to burn glucose and store fat and with low insulin, your body likes to burn fat.

When you consume carbs your insulin levels spike shortly after and slowly decreases from there.

When you don’t eat any food for 24 hours your insulin levels will obviously be low for a long time and your body will be burning fat!

There is even some evidence that some fat storages in the body are hardly accessible at all until insulin levels are low. This could be fat storages like your stubborn belly fat.

Health Benefits

When adopting the eat stop eat philosophy or 5-2 intermittent fasting, you will regularly be in a faster state for many hours.

Fasting results in a number of changes to hormone levels, cell functions and gene expressing that are proven to have benefits to overall health.

Additionally, depending on your current health these changes give rise to potential benefits to heart, brain and cellular health and can be anti-aging.

Who Is It For?

The book is for anyone who want to a great resource on intermittent fasting and learn everything there is to know about how to effectively implement 24-hour intermittent fasting.

It is for anyone who wants to lose weight, but don’t want to give up their delicious and favorite food.

If you would like to stop obsessing about food and enjoy losing weight more, then Eat Stop Eat is for you!

It is for people with busy lives, who have better things to use their precious willpower on than constantly restricting themselves.

However, if you are pregnant you should refrain from doing the 5-2 intermittent fasting. Also, if you have or previously have had a binge eating disorder you should probably stay away from it.

If you would like to know more about intermittent fasting before deciding whether the book is for you, then I have written two cool articles you can check out.

Intermittent fasting and weight loss.

Does intermittent fasting really work for weight loss.

Eat Stop Eat Results And Testimonials

“I purchased Eat Stop Eat last April and I saw incredible results and I was close to my goal of a 6 pack by mid May.”— Scott Smith

But I can’t Possibly Not Eat For 24 Hours Straight!

If you wondering whether it is too difficult for you to not eat for 24 hours, then consider this:

Would you rather restrict yourself and feel hungry 2 days a week instead of every single day?

Perhaps this sound too good to be true, but it is actually what most people experience including myself.

Fasting Is Probably Much Easier Than You Think

As long as we are talking about shorter time periods like 24 hours, your hunger doesn’t continue to intensify the longer you don’t eat.

You are already fasting every single day while you sleep. That is of course unless you get up in the night and eat.

It is not so hard to simply extend that fast until the evening for example.

Additionally, many people report that those fasted hours are very productive because of the increase in focus and alertness that is usually associated with fasting.

If you think this sounds interesting and want to learn more consider buying the book Eat Stop Eat. It teaches everything you need to know about how to make the whole thing as easy and flexible as possible.

Pros And Cons Of Getting The Book


  • The book is very well documented with references to many different studies.
  • Thorough with the scientific evidence, but is not hard to understand.
  • It is a quick read (91 pages). You can probably read it within two hours.
  • Teaches how you can have a healthy lifestyle while still being flexible.
  • Many tips and tricks on how you can do the 5-2 intermittent fasting
  • Excellent resource on intermittent fasting


  • The book is a digital download, however, for a few bucks extra you can also get it as audiobook and kindle version.
  • The design of the pdf is definitely not the coolest I have seen. But, it doesn’t affect the readability.

Final Verdict: Is The Book Worth Its Price?

thumbs up

Well, if you want to spend 10 dollars on learning everything you need to know about doing 5-2intermittent fasting and implement it, even if you are a complete beginner and never fasted before.

Then the clear answer is: YES!

I would argue it to be the best 10 dollars you will spend on any diet book!

With facts, research and common sense, Brad Pilon counters all the myths, arguments and fears about slowed down metabolism, muscle loss or even fear of becoming ravenous hungry.

There is a ton of smart tips and tricks about how you can make weight loss simple and easy by doing intermittent fasting.

The knowledge in this book has helped me out a lot, and I know that it has helped 1000s of people as well.


get the book


Additionally, Brad gives a 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked! So it comes at no risk for you. However, I don’t think it is offered if you buy it on Amazon.

Eat Stop Eat FAQ

Question: Where can I get the Eat Stop Eat book?

A: You can download the eat stop eat pdf through the links I have provided. You can also get Eat Stop Eat on Amazon, but usually, it is more expensive and always without bonuses.

Question: Where can I get the Eat Stop Eat audiobook?

A: You can add it to your order for a few extra dollars through the links I have provided.

Question: I am a woman, Is the eat stop eat diet plan for me?

A: Eat Stop Eat is a lifestyle, not a diet plan

Thousands of women have had great success with intermittent fasting in general. However, a very small minority found it caused some hormonal issues. Statistically, you are very unlikely to be one of those women, but you can’t know before you try it out.

In any case, if you experience problems you can always get your money back with the 60 days money-back guarantee.

Question: If I get the book, am I then guaranteed to lose weight?

A: Whether you lose weight depends on if you are in a calorie deficit or not. I can never guarantee weight loss unless I am 100 % in control of all the foods you eat. In the end, it is up to your effort and dedication.

In general, if someone guarantees weight loss be aware, it is most likely a scam!

Question: Where can I get Eat Stop Eat book the cheapest?

A: Through the links I have provided!

My name is Marcus, I am a lawyer (LL.M.) and the founder of this website. Besides sometimes doing lawyer stuff, I like to write about fitness and health and share what I have found “works” for people like YOU. If you want to know more about me and my vision for this website then you can click here.

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