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Are you looking for more information on posture correctors and what the best and most popular options you have as a woman are?

Then this guide will surely be helpful to you!

I have done a lot of research and writing on posture correctors, and I recently helped my wife get one (her posture is not the best, but neither is mine).

There are a lot of different posture correctors to choose from for women, and it seems like the market is growing.

You can read below to learn the pros and cons of the best posture correctors for women and determine what best suits your needs.

But first, let me briefly talk about posture and why posture correctors could be useful.

Why Improve Posture?

Since you are here, I am sure you are one of the health-conscious women keenly aware of the issues associated with bad/weak posture including (but not limited to):

  • chance of tension headaches
  • uncomfortableness, stiffness, and pain
  • looking less attractive
  • reduced athletic performance
  • maybe even less confidence

You can check what has to say about the benefits of good posture here.

By my own estimate, the majority of women are today very health-conscious and concerned about things like posture. At least I always felt like you did way better than men.

But another thing is that women are also more likely to be affected by several back pain conditions which may or may not be related to weak posture.

In addition, the physical toll of pregnancy and childcare affects the spine. There is a reason even physiotherapists refer to rounded shoulders as “mom posture”.

Little Actual Evidence

An interesting fact to take note of is that the topic of whether bad/weak posture is associated with pain, in particular, back pain, it still a controversial topic among medical professionals.

In regards to proving whether or not there is a connection, all I can say is I have personally reduced pain by improving posture. Also, there is a massive amount of anecdotal evidence online.

You might even find someone in your circle of friends who can explain they reduced pain by using a posture corrector and/or doing various exercises to strengthen and stretch different relevant muscles.

Finally, I think most can agree that having a good body alignment should be preferred for muscles and joints to move freely and create the least amount of wear and tear.

Not to mention that having rounded shoulders or a forward head posture just looks bad.

Why Posture Correctors?

Unless you truly have very minor issues with your posture, it is not going to be a simple task to improve it. It will require you to do various things and address the problem from multiple angles.

You should probably assess the ergonomics of your daily surroundings focusing on where you spend the most time.

How is the setup at your desk, your couch or bed and what kind of positions do you actually put your body in.

For a lack of better words, you have to become more aware of your posture and adopt better posture habits.

With that being said, you should also work on reversing the effects that poor posture has had on your body. You are probably tight and/or weak in different muscles and need to fix that.

All this is a long process and I think it is simply harder to push through without using a helpful tool like a posture corrector.

That is really all there is to posture correctors. They can be very helpful in improving your posture, and they are a popular choice because they work well for most people.

Let us take a look at the different products.

Product Comparison Table

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(see image on Amazon)
Price range Pros Cons
IntelliSkin Womens Essential Bra $$$
  • Discreet
  • Great back support
  • Adjust.
  • no lumbar support
  • issues with smaller cup size
  • Short time use is handy
Glamorise Women’s MagicLift Bra $$
Exquisite Form Posture Bra $
Alignmed Women’s zipper Posture Shirt $$
  • Comfy
  • Whole upper body support + slimming
  • Comp.
  • Pricy
  • Gentle / Less back support
Tommie Copper Women’s Posture Shirt $$
Berlin & Daughter – Posture Brace $
  • Upper + lower back
  • Relatively cheap
  • Armpit irritation
  • Use sparringly
  • Not discreet
Flexguard Support Back Brace $

Posture Improving Bras


  • Discreet and not as bulky as a brace
  • Support, lift and minimizing options for bustier women
  • Adjustable straps prevent irritation and discomfort in the armpits


  • Does not support the lumbar region
  • Issues with smaller cup sizes
  • Inconvenient for users who want short periods of posture training

I am going to start with perhaps one of the lesser-known posture correctors: the posture bra.

Posture bras are a great tool because they offer a good amount of support and posture correction while at the same time being a bra.

They are possibly the most discreet choice for women as they aesthetically look almost identical to traditional bras or corsets.

This makes them both not very invasive and easy to wear as they use the same hook and eye closure mechanisms either at the front or the back of the bra depending on the model. Furthermore, the numerous designs available can give customers a slimmer, lifted or chest-minimizing appearance.

Bustier women can suffer from backache because their bodies tend to hunch forward, and for this, a posture bra could be a great option.

IntelliSkin Women’s Essential Bra

Intelliskin is highly praised for its collection of premium posture-correcting and compression apparel. Many pro-athletes swear by the company’s products and say they fell wearing cloth from Iintelliskin boosts athletic performance.

The company sells various clothing for both women and men and they also have posture bras. People have reported that wearing the bra works great as a posture reminder and that it helps ease the pain.

Available in both black and white this is perhaps a good option if you want to work up a sweat and it seems to be more friendly for smaller sized women than other posture bras.

While this bra is clearly a premium product it also is relatively pricy. However, the company offers what they call “fit guarantee”, meaning that returning the product is easy and the shipping cost is on them.

Glamorise Women’s MagicLift Bra

Glamorise is one of the more established posture bra brands and is popular with full-figured women. The MagicLift bra both lifts and shapes with the help of elastic bands inside the cups.

Using support bands and cushioned, thick straps with reinforced stitching, the bra also gently pulls back the shoulders, bringing the spine to an upright position. It is available in different colors and fits. Sizes go from 36DD all the way up to size 58K.

Customers who have purchased the bra have reported pain relief and effective back support. Unfortunately, like some other posture bras, the MagicLift is not available for smaller cup sizes.

If you are often working at a computer, chances are that your posture shows.

Exquisite Form Fully Women’s Front Close Posture Bra

Exquisite Form is another brand making a name for itself and offers the Exquisite Form Fully front-closing posture bra.

Unlike the Glamorise, the Exquisite Form bra has a minimizing effect for women who would rather not have too much padding. They offer a more limited size range from 34B up to size 46DD.

In general, posture bras come in the traditional black, beige and white with fashionable lace detailing. The V-neck also allows you to wear lower cut tops and dresses.

One disadvantage of the posture bra is that like the clavicle brace (read more on those below), it will not support the lower back.

In addition, it is not suitable for customers who would like more gradual posture training.

Obviously, like bras, these products are designed to be worn throughout the day. This means it would be nearly impossible to wear them for short bursts and change into a normal bra to give the back supporting muscles a chance to exercise.

Posture Shirts


  • Comfortable
  • Support whole upper body
  • Compression and slimming effect
  • Low maintenance and easy to wear


  • Pricy
  • Less back support

Providing a softer tug on the shoulders and back, posture correcting shirts are a convenient solution for you if you want a gentler and arguably more comfortable reminder to stay upright.

Using stretchable material to both compress and stimulate the muscles, wearing this special kind of shirt will encourage you not to slouch while also giving you a slimmer appearance.

Unless you are planning to wear little clothing, posture shirts are also easy to conceal underneath something else. But if you are ok to wear sportswear you don’t have to wear anything else on top of the shirt.  You could argue they look stylish enough on their own.

If you are also in the benefits of wearing compression for sports or fitness then a posture shirt could be the ideal choice for you since you get both posture correction and compression at the same time!

Unfortunately, posture shirts tend to be pricier than most other posture correctors but they are also more suitable for long-term use. So you could argue while you have you pay a good amount of money, you also get to wear them longer.

Because of its unique design, your muscles are stimulated to work on their own rather than being forcefully pulled back like with a posture brace where long-term use can lead to muscle weakness.

If you want to know more about this issue you can check out what I wrote here.

The Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0 – Women’s Zipper

The Alignmed posture shirt 2.0 is a popular choice among sportswear enthusiasts. Made from a moisture-wicking, polyester and spandex blend, the Alignmed posture shirt is generally well-received by its many buyers.

Several pro-athletes swear by the Alignmed posture apparel, and a lot of research and development have gone into creating them. The research and development are ongoing and the company has even proved with many clinical trials that wearing the shirt has posture improving effects.

With its special zipper design, this shirt is much easier to wear than other models that require you to squeeze in. Although it can accommodate a 49-inch chest, it may not be ideal for bustier customers with a large chest to waist ratio.

The shirt you see in the image below is the women’s zipper shirt (there is also a non-zipper). The image is from Alignmed’s Instagram profile.


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Tommie Copper Women’s Pro-Grade Shoulder Centric Support Shirt

The Tommie Copper Pro is a more affordable choice and a good one if you want more focus on your shoulders. It is made from a similar polyester and Spandex blend.

It does not have a zipper but is still praised among buyers, who report that the shirt helped with shoulder pain relief, improved posture and a comfortable feel.

The shirt is available in different neutral colors.

Posture braces


  • Effective support of both the upper and lower back
  • Multi-functional for the office and working out
  • Relatively cheap


  • Can dig into and irritate armpits
  • Slightly more complicated to wear
  • Not as discreet
  • Difficult to machine wash

Posture braces are the most widely used type of posture corrector. A popular model is the “figure-8” or clavicle brace which is designed to be worn in a similar manner to a backpack.

These upper back support braces gently pull the shoulders back and encourage you to sit and move in an upright position.

There is also the sturdier and larger brace that offers support for the whole upper body like the Flexguard support mentioned below.

Posture braces will offer you the strongest back support for the best value. They are durable and multi-functional.

They can be worn underneath clothing to avoid slouching at the office or worn at the gym, to ensure correct body alignment.

The downside is that they are bulkier and less discreet than other products. They also have slightly higher maintenance as they are trickier to machine wash.

In case you are wondering, it is recommended to place them in a laundry bag and wash them on a delicate or gentle cycle.

Posture braces also tend to cause the most irritation around the armpits. However, this is probably to be expected considering braces have the most intense effect on the body in comparison to other posture correctors.

Some studies have been able to link poor posture with negative mood and mental performance.

Berlin & Daughter – Posture Corrector

Berlin & Daughter offers a great, breathable clavicle brace designed specifically for women and girls.

Their brace has wider, cushioned straps for an extra comfortable fit. It can also be worn in 2 ways, either around the sternum or around the belly button, in order to adjust the intensity of the pull on the shoulders.

If you want to get a small posture brace this is a great option since a lot of work has gone into countering the typical issues with adjustability and comfortableness that are common with posture braces.

Flexguard Support Back Brace Posture Corrector

The back brace from Flexguard Support is actually a unisex model, but it is very popular and well-received also among women.

Of all the products listed mentioned here it is the bulkiest option, but arguably also the one that offers you the most support. So if you want a lot of support this might be the right choice, but unlike other products don’t expect to be able to conceal it!

Since it is a unisex model you could also lend it to your partner 🙂

In Brief

Please remember that posture correctors should be used with care and should not be construed as a permanent solution or a “complete solution” for that matter.

If you have a history of injuries or had a big operation then I would encourage you to consult with your physician or medical professional before you buy.

With that in mind, these are the top female posture corrector picks–

Best Support: Flexguard Support Lumbar Brace

One of the best performing posture correcting products on the market. For customers who want complete support of both the upper and lower back, this brace will best fulfill your needs.

See what others have to say about the brace for yourself on Amazon here.

Most affordable: Exquisite Form Fully Front Closing Posture Bra

This bra is both the most inconspicuous and inexpensive product listed above. It provides a comfortable yet fashionably designed alternative for bustier customers who need extra support.

Check out the Exquisite Posture bra on Amazon here.

Most comfortable: Alignmed Posture Shirt

This shirt is reasonably priced and is of great quality. With its unique design and a lot of R&D behind it, the alignmed posture shirt will definitely help you improve your posture while you are still feeling comfortable.

Learn more about the popular Alignmed posture shirt on Amazon.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through a link on this page and make a purchase. Read more here.

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