Choosing The Best Posture Corrector

Are you looking for a great posture corrector to help improve your bad/weak posture?

A large number of people have found that wearing one for even a relatively short amount of time helped a lot with the common posture issues:

  1. Rounded shoulders
  2. Forward head posture

Since most of these products come cheap, I would argue that there is not much holding you back trying one out for yourself.

I have put a great deal of effort into researching the many different products that are available on the market to help improve posture.

I am confident that you can find one that suits your need and budget below.

woman with books on her head to improve posture


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Obviously, these products are not a “magical solution” and fixing your problem is not as simple as just putting a posture corrector on.

You also need to focus on ergonomics and you “postural awareness”, e.g. how you sit.

Why You Would Want A Posture Corrector At All?

Improving your posture is often a long and exhausting process.

It usually requires things like the lengthening and strengthening of different muscles, and that you become more aware of how to move and position your body better.

Getting a posture corrector can speed things up and make it easier.

I think a posture corrector is especially useful if you are currently experiencing uncomfortableness or even pain, because the posture corrector can provide some immediate relief.

Depending on your situation there are braces and special posture shirts that can help you improve your posture as soon as you wear them, albeit temporarily.

However, wearing them over time can help lead to significant and permanent improvements!

You can read more about the pros and cons of posture correctors here.

You can also check out this guide to good posture from

Comparison Table

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through a link on this page and make a purchase.

(see image on Amazon)
Pricing Pros Cons
Intelliskin Men’s Tee $$$
  • lightweight
  • easy to use
  • backed by research
  • tight fit
  • no adjustability
  • pricy
Intelliskin Women’s Tee
Alignmed Men’s Zipper Shirt $$$
  • lightweight
  • easy to use
  • backed by research
  • tight fit
  • no adjustability
  • pricy
Alignmed Women’s Zipper Shirt
Back Brace Posture Corrector $$
  • full upper body support
  • adjustable
  • bulky
  • can restrict movement
  • can have a smell
Premium Back Support Brace $
  • great price
  • adjustable
  • versatile
  • can have a smell
  • some issues with pinching and adjusting
Posture Corrector with Armpit Pads $$
  • adjustable
  • armpit protection
  • can have a smell

Key Differences Between The Products

All the products mentioned in this article will improve your posture and help you fix your rounded shoulders by essentially helping you align muscles, joints, and bones correctly.

But the products vary greatly in price, adjustability, comfortableness and how seamless you can use them in your daily life.

According to the distinctive features of the products, they can be divided into three different categories.

First category is the posture correcting shirt

At first glance, these shirts do not look much different from the typical compression shirt, which can help speed up recovery due to increased blood flow.

However, besides having a beneficial compressing effect these shirts can also have a big positive impact on your posture.

Most notable features of these shits are:

  • The unique design stimulates your “posture muscles” to work
  • Clinically proven to have a posture improving effect
  • Lightweight and form-fitting
  • Easy to wear in your daily life and
  • The right size is important for correct function
  • The most expensive option
  • Some shirts can trap heat (similar to compressions shirts)

Second category is what I would call a “vest-type” brace

These braces are bulky and wearing them feels like wearing a vest. They will help you align and support your whole upper-body including spine, waist and lower back.

Notable features are:

  • Full support for upper body
  • Will interfere with your actions in your daily life
  • NOT concealable (everyone will be able to tell you are wearing it)
  • Can restrict your movement
  • Bulky
man with poor posture
Rounded shoulders and forward head posture are two common posture issues.

Third category is the small shoulder braces or 8 figure clavicle braces

This kind of brace will improve the position of your shoulders and upper back. They are a good solution if you just need help to train yourself to maintain a correct shoulder position as they are usually the cheapest of the three and are not that bulky.

  • Low price
  • Support for upperback and shoulders
  • Some can be hidden underneath your cloth (not tight cloth)
  • Seems like more people have issues with comfortableness and fitting

Posture Shirt vs Posture Brace

One of the major benefits that the posture correcting shirts have over the other products is that while the posture shirt will stimulate your muscles to work how they are supposed to, the braces just mechanically pull your muscles and joints in the correct position.

Spending too much time wearing the braces could potentially lead to weaker muscles as the brace is “doing most of the work” and not your muscles.

This is of course not a good thing as it could mean an even worse posture when you are not wearing the brace.

While this is a valid concern a lot of people have had success with using the braces. So I still think they are a great option, but you might want to use them more sparingly.

With this in mind, I believe that the posture correcting shirts are better suited for long-time use.

Intelliskin – Posture Correcting Tee

There are two American companies that are known for developing and producing high-quality posture correcting clothing. They are also the companies in charge of most research and clinical testing.

Intelliskin is one of those companies and Alignmed (mentioned below) is the other one.

Posture correcting clothing is popular among pro-athletes, and many athletes use Intelliskin products to increase their performance.

But you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from wearing the Intelliskin posture correcting clothing.

Here is a very short video from the founder Dr. Tim Brown presenting Intelliskin.


The company offers different posture correcting clothing. The shirts in the “foundation series” which I recommend here are the products with the most “aggressive posture correction”.

For more information about the company, I suggest you check out the official website. You can also check out this post dedicated to reviewing the Intelliskin products.

Product Features

“PostureCue” Technology

PostureCue is a patented technology of the company which mimics the effects of kinesio taping which is one of Dr. Tim Brown´s areas of expertise.

Technical Fabric

Intelliskin is made of lightweight and smart compression fabric. It is a blend of different fabrics including nylon, lycra, polyester, and spandex. All which are commonly used in normal compression clothing.

The fabric is both form-fitting and moisture wicking & antimicrobial.

The shirts can be washed in a machine with cold water and gentle rotation, but they should be hung up for drying and NOT put in a tumble-drier.

A Second Skin

Due to the unique combination of compression and posture correction the clothing effectively readjusts your posture and strengthens the core muscles like an “intelligent second skin”.

How The Intelliskin Shirt Works

The clothing uses stretching fabric and panels to support and align your posture.

When you wear the shirt it instantly switches on the right muscles in the way they are meant to work.

Besides having an immediate effect and relief, wearing the shirt over time will help you fix your rounded shoulders by strengthening underused “posture muscles” in the upper back and lengthen overused and tight muscles in the chest.

How To Wear It

The shirt works by simply wearing it properly. To ensure it fits right you can lift your neckline and pull down the shirt in the back

It is recommended to wear the shirts a few hours at a time in the beginning and to increase the time you wear it as it becomes more comfortable.

However, depending on your strength and fitness level you might be able to wear for a longer time.


  • Lightweight and form-fitting
  • You can wear them seamlessly in your daily-life (no bulky things)
  • You could argue that shirts are stylish enough to wear by itself
  • Endorsed by pro-athletes
  • Retrains and strengthens “posture muscles”
  • Invented by a doctor with immense experience in Kinesio Taping
  • Backed by research and clinical trials
  • Generally very positive feedback


  • Tight fitting could be a problem if you are not used to compression clothing
  • Pricy
  • Has to be worn on your skin unlike a brace
  • No adjustability

You can get the posture correcting shirt from Intelliskin on Amazon.

Click here for men, and click here for women.

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Alignmed Posture Shirt

Alignmed was founded by Bill Schultz who many years ago set out to find an alternative to a spinal fusion surgery for curing his chronic back pain.

He found an alternative method and the reason he founded the company was to help others as well.

Bill doesn’t himself have a relevant academic background, but the company has an advisory board of medical professionals.

The company goes to great lengths in using clinical trials and research for developing their posture correcting clothing.

Alignmed is like Intelliskin also endorsed and used by pro-athletes, but according to the company also a significant number of physicians recommend their clothing to clients.

Read more about the company here.

Product Features

Neuroband technology

The shirts have special bands built into the fabric which stimulates muscles to contract and help you keep great posture and perform at your best.

This leads to better movement patterns and muscle recruitment, and also less wear and tear on joints.


Compression leads to faster muscle recovery due to increased blood flow & oxygen intake.

Special Fabric

The fabric is made of 83% polyester and 17% spandex. It is form-fitting, moisture wicking & anti-microbial.

The fabric has vented panels for breathability.


This version of the shirt comes with a zipper and so it is super easy to put. You can also get it in a pull-over version.

How The Alignmed Shirt Works

Alignmed calls their working technology “neurobands” because there are bands placed in the fabric which due to their stretching/pulling and compression effect stimulate neuron receptors located in the muscle tissue.

This stimulation signals muscles and joints to align correctly. When in the correct position you are also retraining the posture muscles correctly so they work better even when you are not wearing the shirt.

Here is a cool video demonstrating how the posture shirt works.



How To Use It

The shirt work by simply wearing it properly. Depending on your current posture you will experience an immediate improvement, but wearing the shirt over time is what will get you great results.

Similar to the Intelliskin shirts it is recommended to wear it a few hours at a time in the beginning and to increase the time you wear it as it becomes more comfortable.

If you are relatively fit you might be able to wear it for a longer time.

The shirts can be washed in the machine with cold water and gentle rotation. They should be hanged out to dry and NOT put in a tumble-drier.


(similar to Intelliskin)

  • Lightweight and form-fitting
  • Wear the shirt in any situation without any restriction
  • Looks rather cool
  • Endorsed by pro-athletes
  • breathable
  • Created under the advisory of several medical doctors
  • Backed by research and clinically tested
  • Generally very positive feedback


(similar to Intelliskin)

  • Tight fitting could be a problem if you are not used to compression clothing
  • Pricy (often seems cheaper then Intelliskin – but not a lot)
  • Has to be worn on your skin unlike a brace
  • No adjustability

Get the posture correcting shirt from Alignmed on Amazon!

Click here for men and click here for women.

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Back Brace Posture Corrector By Flexguard Support

As of June 2018 Flexguard Support sells three different products for posture improvement.

The most popular one is the Back Brace Posture Corrector that offers a full upper-body posture support and correction.

Not only can this brace help fix your rounded shoulders but it will also help your lower back and spine.

This brace is a great option if you also suffer from lower back and if you are not too worried about its “bulkiness”, e.g. if you just wear it at home.

Product Features

Durable, adjustable and comfortable

The back brace has adjustable cushioned straps for extra comfortableness, and adjustable and waistband to support middle and lower back.

The back brace fits tightly when adjusted accordingly and is comfortable due to its padding.

Breathable Material

The brace is made of a strong breathable material. I have not been able to confirm what exactly, but it seems to be of a synthetic fabric similar to the other braces and at least to have some parts made of neoprene rubber.

Lifetime Warranty

Flexguard Support offers a lifetime warranty on the back brace.

Improve Poster And Relieve Pain

The brace works by training your muscles to maintain the spine and joints at their natural position. A booklet with additional information on exercises is included

Updated Sizes

As of April 2018, the posture brace sizes have been updated for a better fit for more back, shoulder, and collarbone support

How The Posture Brace Works

Putting on the brace and adjusting straps and waistband accordingly will align your whole upper body and spine.

Wearing the brace overtime will train your muscles to work as intended for a good posture.

How To Use

Put it on and strap yourself in. It is recommended to wear with a t-shirt underneath.

In the beginning, it is best to use it only for 30-60 minutes at a time and slowly increase the duration as it becomes more comfortable.

According to the company wearing the brace over a week or two for just a few hours a day should significantly improve your posture.

The brace can be washed in the washing machine with cold water and gentle rotation. However, the company recommends washing in hand to ensure the brace retains its full functionality.

Hang it up to air dry, do not use a tumble dryer.


  • Comparatively cheaper
  • Adjustable
  • Full upper-body support


  • Bulky
  • can have a rubber smell that takes a little while to dissipate
  • some issues with fitting and position of the waist part (rides up) – (issue reported for the old model)
  • can restrict arm movement a little bit (issue reported for the old model)

Get your posture corrector from Flexguard Support. Click here to go to Amazon.

woman sitting hunched over
A posture corrector would help in a situation like this.

Premium Back Support Brace by Branfit

The small brace by Branfit gives good support for shoulders, neck, and upper back at a great price.

The brace is unisex and one-size so you don’t have to worry about getting the right size. The brace is easily adjusted and can fit chest sizes ranging from 28″-48”

Products Features

  • Breathable and lightweight material.
  • Soft padding to ensure comfortableness.
  • Environmental friendly production and packaging.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: full refund if you are not satisfied
  • Washable by hand (not in the machine)

How It Works

It works like a traditional posture brace by pulling back your shoulders resulting in an improved posture.

How To Use

Strap yourself in and adjust accordingly.

You should wear a t-shirt underneath. It is not too hard to put on by yourself, but it might be a good idea to have someone around you to assist you in the first time you put it on.

Start wearing it for 30-60 minutes at a time in the beginning and increase the duration over time.


  • Great price
  • Adjustable
  • Versatile (both you and your partner can wear it due to its one-size and unisex fit)
  • A little bit bulky


  • Can have a rubber smell that takes a little while to dissipate
  • Can be a little difficult to adjust yourself
  • Some people have issues with it pinching armpit skin

Get your posture brace from Branfit on Amazon by clicking here.

Posture Corrector with Armpit Pads by Anyandsor

This brace is like the one from Branfit also unisex and one-size. It offers good support for the upper back but also has special armpit pads to protect against pinching of armpit skin.

From what I have been able to gather about the many different shoulder/back braces it is not too uncommon that people experience issues with armpit skin being pinched.

Product Features

  • Breathable and lightweight material.
  • Armpit pads to prevent skin pinching
  • Comes with resistance bands
  • Washable by hand only.

How It Works

Pulls your shoulder back resulting in a much better position. Less wear and tear on the joints and increased mobility.

How To Use

Adjust straps for a tight fit. I would recommend to wear a t-shirt underneath and to have someone by your side to assist you at least the first time you wear it.


  • Good price
  • Adjustable
  • Versatile and one-size (Both you and your partner can wear it)
  • A little bit bulky
  • Comes with armpit pads and resistance bands
  • A lot of positive feedback


  • Can have a rubber smell that takes a little while to dissipate
  • Can be a little difficult to adjust yourself

Click here to go to Amazon and check out the posture corrector with armpit pads.

men with rounded shoulders
Looks familiar?

Things To Consider

Before you get your posture corrector the biggest decision you have to make is whether you want to invest in a posture correcting brace or a shirt.

As mentioned above, the issue with using braces is they can potentially weaken your posture muscles if you use them for too long.

This doesn’t apply to the posture shirt, but it has a much higher price point.

Other things to consider are the following:


Is the material breathable and easy to wash?

Not all the posture correctors mentioned above can be washed in the machine. This is probably more important to some than others. Personally, I don’t like to wash things by hand.

Neoprene rubber is a material generally used in braces. The material is perfectly healthy and actually better than latex, but neoprene often has a weird smell.

The smell can be strong depending on a few factors like when it was manufactured and how long it has been inside the packaging.

For getting rid of the smell faster the manufacturers recommend washing and airing in the sun.

When And Where Are You Wearing It?

When and where are you planning to wear the posture corrector?

If you have to be very mobile while wearing it the posture shirts are by far the best.

On the other hand, if you just wear them at home or have no problem wearing something bulkier, then the vest or small brace can also work.

Gender-specific Or Unisex?

Regarding the braces, it seems like the unisex models are actually better according to the user feedback I have been able to uncover. That is why I have only included these products in this article.

For the posture shirts, you need to be gender-specific.

In any case, you should pay close attention to the sizing guides when purchasing your posture corrector.

No matter which type you get a tight fit is necessary in order for it to work.

Hard To Put On And Take Off

Some people experience difficulty with putting on and taking off the braces.

This is especially the smaller braces. If you have someone else around to help you it is likely not a problem at all, but if you don’t it might be worth considering.

I would argue that having another person to help you no matter which type you get is probably a good idea.

E.g. stretching the shirts a lot which often happens when you have to take such a tight thing off could lead to unnecessary wearing down of the special components in the shirt.


Improving your posture is not going to be an easy task. It can be a long process and requires a lot of effort from your side. It is probably also going to be more of a continuous process rather than something you “fix” once.

You need to learn to be more aware of how you use your body and in what kind of positions you put it in. You also need to address the ergonomics of your surroundings.

A good place to start is where you spend most of your time e.g. the office at your work.

I would also recommend you do various strecthing and strengthening exercises to essentially reverse the effects that poor posture has had on your body.

Getting a posture corrector can make things easier, but it is not a “magic pill” that will make all your posture problems go away as soon as you wear it.

I personally think that a posture correcting shirts is your best option, however, if the price is too high a cheaper brace can also work great.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through a link on this page and make a purchase. Read more here.

About the author: My name is Marcus, I am a lawyer (LL.M.) and the founder of this website. Besides sometimes doing lawyer stuff, I like to write about fitness and health and share what I have found “works” for people like YOU. If you want to know more about me and my vision for this website then you can click here.

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