Benefits Of Weight Training

Weight training is an awesome form of exercise and the benefits are many!

Below you can read what I believe are the top benefits of weight training, but first I want to kick things off by stating the # 1 benefit.

Weight training will give you the opportunity to enjoy life to a greater extent. You will be able to use your own body to do more and for a longer time!

Because getting a stronger body reduces the risk of injury or pain and make you better equipped to tackle whatever physical obstacles or tasks life will throw at you.

After all, we are all physically present in this world with our bodies.

Why not make that body a strong one?

The best thing is that weight training is super time-efficient and doesn’t require you to spend that much time every week.

The important thing here is consistency and tweaking your workouts as you progress.

Health Benefits Of Weight Training

Becoming stronger is not only about increasing your muscle size and density. It also leads to improved overall bodily health and function.

As your strength improves:

  • Your bones become stronger
  • Tendons and ligaments become tougher
  • The function of your joints improve

Strength also has a skill component which should not be underestimated.

A lot of initial strength gains (as a beginner) are due to improved lifting technique. You become better at contraction your muscle fibers and your movement patterns improve.

Becoming better at using your strength is pretty cool but it also teaches you more about your own body and how to use it better in your daily life.

Building up some good-looking muscle will also help you gain:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Improvements in cardiac function
  • Better hormonal balance

Health Risks Of Modern Life

I think there is an important point to make about problems/challenges of the modern lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong I really like my modern lifestyle and all its pleasures and conveniences.

The problem is that we often are physically inactive.

This sedentary life makes us weak and lethargic and I think most people recognize that this puts our health at risk.

Weight training is an excellent countermeasure to this in my opinion. But there are of course also other ways.

Weight Training Not Enough?

As we spend too long time in fixed positions our posture worsens and this also puts us at risk.

Besides this, having a crooked posture usually doesn’t look that good.

With that in mind weight training is probably not enough to counter the negative effects to the body.

Fixing postures can often be solved through proper stretching and strengthening of the right muscles.

There is a popular program that does this especially well for tight hips from sitting down too much.

You can check out a review I made here.

Another possible solution is yoga which I feel have become quite popular again.

weight training helps again injuries and pains

Looking Good And Confident!

Weight training is very efficient for growing muscle for both men and women.

Having some awesome-looking and sexy muscle is great and who wouldn’t want that?

But, I firmly believe that improving physical appearance goes beyond vanity.

Because feeling better about how you look improves your confidence and looking better can for some be completely transformational and I don’t mean the looks.

It can help you gain that extra bit of self-confidence that finally enables you to shred off self-imposed restraints or limiting beliefs.

The confidence you gain in the gym or from looking at yourself in the mirror carries over to other important things in life and will have a very positive effect.

Mindset Changes

There is something very powerful about committing to something and experiencing gradual improvements as you work on it over time.

The experience of growth and progressing towards a goal comes with a great deal of satisfaction and once you achieve that goal it gives you the motivation and confidence to work on even greater things.

Your mindset on achieving things improves as you become more confident in your own ability.

It is almost as if you set yourself up with the desire to achieve even greater and more meaningful things!

I think weight training is especially powerful in this regard because the feedback of your progress is very obvious.

Weight Training Is For Everyone

Anyone can do weight training!

Age or gender really does not matter. Although I would recommend the very young guys and girls to wait until they have become teenagers.

If you are a senior there is even more reason to do weight training as a slow breakdown of muscle is a natural thing of becoming older. You can easily reverse this with some weight training.

Furthermore, women should definitely not be afraid of becoming “big and bulky” by doing weight training.

If you are looking for some more specific information on weight training for women, you can check out these two articles:

Building Muscle For Women

Weight Training Workouts For Women

You can also check out my review of a popular weight training and nutrition program for women. Both my sister and my wife have been following it.

Where To Go From Here?

If you are all fired up about weight training now and want to know more before you get going, I suggest you take a look at the ultimate beginner guide to weight training and another article on how to build muscle.

Perhaps you think I sound a bit crazy attributing weight training some benefits that are far-fetched? Well, let me know in the comments section what you think is the biggest benefits of weight training.

Finally, since having the right nutrition is so important I suggest you also get my free awesome nutrition guide and email course.

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  • Benny Smith Feb 8, 2019 @ 17:39

    Weight training is the best thing to do, it keeps your body fit and also increase the strength of your bones. People who do weight training doesn’t suffer from the knee , back or shoulder pain. Keep posting the good information among the people.

    • Marcus Feb 8, 2019 @ 19:03

      Thanks Benny! Great to hear that we agree on weight training 🙂

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