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As I have created this website to help YOU, I truly hope you will find some useful content here.

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You can always write me an email at marcus (at) strengthery (dot) com

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About Me

My name is Marcus and I have been doing all kinds of strength and cardiovascular training since my early teenage years and I am now 27 years old. In fact, I have done long distance running, sprinting, yoga, flexibility training, CrossFit, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, circuit training, strength training and a little bit of calisthenics.

I have no formal education in these areas, but I consider myself to have a thorough understanding of a wide variety of physical exercise and especially strength training as this website is dedicated to.

I believe strength training is one of the best types of exercise any person could do. If done correctly, strength training is absolutely very rewarding in terms of the results in you can get in strength and muscle gain, physical appearance and healthier body compared to the time you put in.

Strength training is also not that hard for beginners to learn, and if you follow a solid lifting program and make sure you stick to a few principles for gaining strength and muscle and keep training – your results will be guaranteed.

The Reason For This Website

Both being and looking physical strong has definitely gained a lot of attention the past years. More people are interested in getting strong and good looking body, and this is equally true for both men and women. Compared to when I started out playing around with weights, the internet is today full with a lot of good information on how to become stronger, gain muscle mass, lose weight etc.

However, there are so many people on the internet telling you what to do, how to do it and how often you should do it, that it is super easy to be confused what you actually should do. Often what people are saying doesn’t fit too well with each other or even sometimes it is directly contradictory.

The truth is that they are more or less all right, there are many ways to become stronger, gain muscle and lose weight. They will all work for you – that is as long as you just stick to one of them. But of course some work better than others, and that is even truer if your focus is to gain strength.

The main purpose for me creating this website is to provide YOU with easily understandable information on key principles of gaining strength, which you then can apply in your training. I will also give recommendations to what kind of programs and approaches are the best for seeing the fastest strength and muscle gain, and also what kind of programs you should shy away from.

I wish you all good luck in your journey to becoming stronger 🙂




Founder of Strengthery