About Me

Hello there and welcome!

My name is Marcus and I am the owner and the creator of this website.

My educational background is in law (LL.M.) but I like to talk and write about fitness and health.

I created this website in order to help people like you overcome the many challenges of being fit and healthy while having a busy lifestyle.

This is me and my wife. I know I look young, but I am actually 29 now…

One thing I do want to emphasize right away is that I would describe my perspective on fitness and exercise as being “more balanced”.

Many popular fitness authors you see online are either fitness instructors, fitness models or even researchers. They basically “live and breathe” fitness which is great since that makes them very competent for writing about the topic.

However, when it comes to following their “optimal approach” (or whatever they call it) a lot of people simply don’t have the time or the desire to go to the gym 5-6 times per week or wake up 4:30 AM to do that.

A lot of people are simply not interested in having to meticulously plan their meals or obsess about getting enough protein every day.

I mean absolutely no offense to people who enjoy these things, but I am just going to assume that YOU are not among those.

If that resonates with you then you are in the right place!..

I actually do recommend that you get familiar with calorie and macro tracking to get a basic understanding of nutrition. But you definitely do not have to do it long-term. It is also very useful if you want to lose fat.

Other Priorities

I don’t suggest you adopt a demanding workout routine or diet because I assume you already have many other demanding things in your life and perhaps these should have priority.

Of course, health is wealth. But I do also think that there is truth in saying that constantly obsessing about exercising or making the healthiest choice comes with heavy diminishing returns.

In other words, don’t expect that spending twice as long in the gym or eliminating twice as many “bad foods” are going to make you that much better off.

Mostly From A Weight Training Perspective

Since I personally like weight training and because I am fascinated by the process of building an awesome body, a lot of my writing is influenced by this topic.

I need to provide some kind of proof that I know what I am talking about, right?

With that being said, looking good is far from being my only priority.

Also, if you can wait just a moment before you label me as a narcissist.

I do think that a good-looking body is simply a healthy and strong body.

I am also very much into yoga and I think it is an excellent combination with weight training.

It is also a good solution to undo many of the issues that arise because we sit down most of the waking hours (at least a big majority of us).

I am also a massage junky, which my wife can attest to.

Why Pay Attention To Me?

If you are reading this I suppose you already made up your mind that I might be worth checking out.

So let me try to convince you that this decision is right.

As mentioned I do not have a relevant formal education.  But what I do have is 15+ years spent doing a wide variety of different kinds of strength and cardiovascular training.

I have done long distance running, sprinting, yoga, flexibility training, CrossFit, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, circuit training, strength training and a little bit of calisthenics, martial arts, and salsa dancing.

I was basically a complete idiot at doing any of these things in the beginning, so I had to learn from my mistakes.

And my mistakes were many! One huge mistake I made was with my diet, and if you want to avoid that I suggest you get my nutrition guide.

After doing all that I have become a strong proponent of weight training / strength training because I think it is both time-efficient and extremely rewarding.

Committing to weight training will not only give you control over your physical appearance but becoming stronger and more fit gives you the ability to do more in life and it is basically an insurance policy against pain and injuries.

Learn more here about my view of the benefits here.

This was me once. A scrawny teenager good at playing computer games and running long distances.

Why This Weird Name: Strengthery?

The name “Strengthery” is a combination of 1) the noun strength and 2) the suffix -ery.

From Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

Strength \ ˈstreŋ(k)th, ˈstren(t)th (noun)

  1. the quality or state of being strongcapacity for exertion or endurance
  2. power to resist forcesolidity, toughness
  3. power of resisting attack: impregnability (…)

-ery \ plural -eries (noun suffix)

  1. qualities collectively: character:  snobbery
  2. artpractice quackery, trickery
  3. place of doing, keeping, producing, or selling (the thing specified) fishery, bakery, eatery (…)

The idea behind the name is that the website purpose is to be the place for you to learn how to practice and increase your strength.


The highly-achieved powerlifter, exercise and sports science researcher and writer, and all-around cool guy Greg Nuckols have a website and brand called Stronger By Science.

Many years back it went by the name Strengtheory as in strength + theory, and the name I picked is as you can see very similar.

But there is absolutely no relation and I never had any intention of confusing the names or fraudulently gain advantage for my own site.

Actually, I had no recollection of that name when I chose my own.


If you have any questions or would like to share something with me, you can always shot me an email at marcus@strengthery.com.

I usually reply fast 🙂

Guest Posts

Guest posts can be really cool when done properly.

I like to write guest posts for other sites myself, and if you would like to write one for my site I would be very happy!

As long as you are doing it for the right reason i.e. sharing something cool to the benefit of my readers.

I don’t have any word count requirements, but I will only publish great content that is unique and detailed.

Furthermore, if you want to guest post you must agree to the transfer of the right of ownership to me.

I only ask for this to avoid any issues. It is not because I am greedy, or because I want to be able to freely delete your post (unless plagiarism).

Links are a normal part of the internet, so please feel free to include relevant and authoritative links in the post. Your post will always at least have one link back to your site in the author bio.

I will never ask for any payment since I don’t agree with that line of thought and because it is against the Google webmaster guidelines.