7 Reasons To Wear A Posture Corrector

Since you are reading this, I assume you have realized that your posture is not exactly something to brag about.

You are probably also conscious about your health and heard about the many reasons why having good posture is important.

Of course, looking good is also a concern right?

Below I will dig into the reasons why you should wear a posture corrector, but first, let me give it to you straight…

There is no “quick-fix” for your posture!

Improving your posture will take time and effort, and probably a lot of it.

woman sitting in front of the computer

Posture correctors happen to be a very helpful tool to make things easier on you, and they can work very well if you combine the use of them with various exercises and improve the ergonomics of your surroundings.

For instance, your posture can get affected when you tend to sit hunched for hours on end in front of a computer on a daily basis. Physical therapists will recommend that you undergo a few exercises to correct your posture, but there are also a few extra posture support materials that you can use to help make things easier on yourself.

These support materials are what we know as posture braces or (posture correctors, if you will)

So what Is A Posture Corrector Exactly?

A posture corrector is more or less a device you wear that will correct your posture. Most of the posture correctors you see on the market target the upper body.

I believe it is safe to assume that this is because most people are interested in improving upper body posture. They want to fix that “hunched-over look” (Mr. Burns look).

This is probably also one of the most common issues, although I believe many people also have problems with the hip flexors. By the way, if you have tight hip flexors I recommend this workout routine.

The posture correctors you see on the market for the upper body have three distinct types: clavicle / 8-figure brace, vest-type brace, and posture shirts.

The main objective is to help provide support to the muscles and joints encouraging good posture.

7 Benefits Of Posture Correctors

There are many reasons using a posture corrector could be helpful to you.  The most obvious reason is to improve posture, but they might also be very useful for you if you are recovering after an injury.

Physical therapists usually recommend them in the event that their patient has suffered some injury that affects the back, neck or shoulders. However, in the more severe injuries or in the case of surgery you probably need to get a “medical grade” back brace instead.

Often the words posture brace and back brace are used interchangeably, however, some back braces are clearly different from the common posture. These are usually used for severe injuries or surgery and come at a much higher price. A prescription is also required.

Below is my rundown of the 6 major reasons for why you would want to wear a posture corrector.

1 – Injury Rehabilitation

There are various injuries in the upper back, neck, and shoulders where a posture corrector could be a great rehabilitation tool.

Proper alignment of your body ensures good blood flow and the least wear and tear on the joints. Both important for injury recovery.

Sports injuries are a good example, but as I mentioned above, if you got a serious injury you perhaps need to consider a medical-grade back brace.

I injured both my shoulders once and I can tell you that it was really shit! Should probably have done more exercises for my rotator cuffs.

man with injured knee

2 – Pain Management

If you suffer from chronic stiffness or even pain in the neck and upper back, then a posture corrector could offer you an immediate relief.

The pain you feel is most likely due to overworked muscles putting stress on joints and bones. Aligning your shoulders and spine reduces this.

3 – Improved Posture

Of course, this is the major reason why posture correctors were made in the first place.

Having good posture comes with so many benefits. Proper alignment of your joints and muscles ensures the least wear and tear, reduces the risk of injury while doing weight training or sports.

However, good posture has also been proven to have a profound effect on your overall quality of life. It lowers stress hormones and increases testosterone.

It also increases your self-confidence and improves mental function, digestion and breathing if compared to a slouching posture. All these things give rise to so many potential benefits.

4 – Spinal Support

With a posture corrector, you can help reduce the amount of stress put on your spine while in an environment with poor ergonomics or just while you are in an awkward position.

A lot of people tend to sit and walk in such a way that puts a lot of pressure on the spine. They rely on the spine to carry them with very little assistance from the muscles. Essentially, collapsing the spine and just let their weight “hang”.

Over time this can lead to spine injuries.

5 – Preventive Measure

I just mentioned how many people collapse and hang in their joints and bones. Many times this happens because we sit or stand in awkward positions for many hours at a time putting a lot of stress on the muscles.

So it is probably not because of laziness but rather due to overworked muscles. The next time you have to sit down for long hours, wearing a posture corrector could help you reduce that stress.

E.g. a posture correcting shirt could be a great option.

6 – Discretion And A Confidence Boost

Both small clavicle brace / 8-figure brace and posture shirts can be worn underneath your clothing. Although for some braces you probably have to wear some looser clothes.

This means you don’t need to walk around with clear indication that you consider yourself to have issues with your posture (if that is a concern to you).

7 – No Need To Wear Them All The Time

Posture correctors are effective even if you wear them at shorter periods of time. Actually, when you start out it is recommended that you only wear them for 30-60 minutes per day.

You can gradually increase the time, however, studies show that people have positive results with as little as 30 minutes. per day.

The Verdict

All in all posture correctors are able to go a long way in helping you develop a proper posture.

The fact that there are various types available means you can choose one that fits you in your budget.

My name is Marcus, I am a lawyer (LL.M.) and the founder of this website. Besides sometimes doing lawyer stuff, I like to write about fitness and health and share what I have found “works” for people like YOU. If you want to know more about me and my vision for this website then you can click here.